Why Muzicean?

Over the last few months since launching Muzicean, we have heard lot of valuable inputs from Muziclub teachers, students and visitors. Looking at the interesting mix of ideas and suggestions, I thought of pulling together all inputs to help in getting an overall perspective.

Muzicean seems to have some great content!

Let me start with some positives. One common thing we have heard from anyone who has tried Muzicean is that the content quality and coverage is great. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and inspiring. The lessons mix is comprehensive especially for Guitar. Additional tools and features are useful to enhance learning experience.

This is great feedback and provides some reassurance that we are on the right path.

Why Not Use Free Content From Youtube?

YouTube is great resource for almost any kind of lessons on all kind of topics uploaded by anyone across the globe. This also means that you need to spend countless hours in discovering what you need. This also makes it hard to follow suitable structure and pattern for learning. In comparison, the content at Muzicean is not only provided by top class international artists but it's also organized in a easy to follow structure.

So much content at Muzicean can makes things confusing for new learners?

This has been a very useful feedback for us and we are now working on restructuring all Muzicean content in line with the course structure taught at Muziclub. This should make things simpler and easier especially for new learners.

There may be no teachers required if people learn from Muzicean? Why dow we need Muzicean anyway when there are so many good teachers out there?

We need to recognize the fact that we are living in a rapidly changing world in all spheres of life. In the field of music education also there are lot of exciting opportunities for embracing new methods and models for enhancing learning effectiveness. We firmly believe at Muziclub that a teacher is essential for guidance and inspiration. Muzicean is only an enabler which can fast track the learning process.

In any case we cannot hide such new options or prevent our students from using them. There is great opportunity however in being early adopters of such tools and embed them in the teaching process.

Is Muzicean just a different name for Torrins content?

While currently it might seem that Muzicean is used just as a different name for the Torrins content however it is not so. Muzicean is our vision to provide vast content repositories, tools and other learning aids across kinds of music learning needs. Few such other initiatives we are working on are Raag Library and Song Library. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to these efforts or in case of any suggestions.

Doubts can't be cleared through Muzicean Online videos. Its not Interactive?

We fully recognize this, which is why we strongly ask using Muzicean as a learning aid and not as the only option to learn music. For Online learning, in addition to Muzicean we provide one on one interactive classes with a live tutor over web.

Why doesn't Muziclub create own content with sole branding?

Some people have questioned why Muziclub is relying on Torrins to provide Muzicean content and not creating its own.

While we love creating new stuff and will continue doing so, the general approach we follow is that we shouldn't create something just for the sake of it and should explore partnership options wherever possible. Key focus is on providing better learning options to our students in all possible ways.

Torrins has invested huge efforts and money over several years in creating what they have. They share the same mission and passion as Muziclub for expanding music education. This provided perfect opportunity to enhance learning experience for Muziclub students by leveraging high quality content already created by Torrins.

Please get in touch for sharing any inputs or suggestions. Best Wishes.

This post is contributed by Yogesh Rathore, co-founder at Muziclub.