Top Ten Tips for Living Music

Actively involving with music is without doubt one of the most enjoyable human experience. However, finding time isn't so easy in busy modern lives.

Here are some practical ways of enhancing music skills more effectively and enjoying it more.

1. Vocalize the music notes while playing an Instrument
  • Do this if you are vocalist or an instrumentalist
  • Sing scales or songs while playing the tune on a pitched instrument such as guitar or piano
  • Make sure your singing pitch is matching exactly to the instrument pitch i.e. you are singing in tune
  • If no instrument available, then play along the song on computer, cd player, ipod, iphone or anything . You can also download practice mp3 exercises from Muziclub website
2. Practice on the Go

We spend so much time travelling or in situations getting bored. There are several things you can do to utilize such dead time. E.g.

  •  Sing along while driving alone or with someone who doesn't mind.
  • Memorising scales and patterns
  • Finger crawls, combination lifting
3. Breathing exercises when travelling or sitting idly to strengthen singing ability

We breathe all the time. Paying attention and controlling breathing can have profound impact on the singing ability. Follow following steps for a simple breathing ritual. Kindof like mediation, helps singlers a lot.

  • Find comfortable position.
  • Inhale deeply for a count of 6.
  • Hold breadth for count of 6
  • Exhale slowly for a count of 12
4. Perform Live whenever and wherever
  • Lets face it, while you can enjoy music in meditational solitude, one of the most enjoyable experience for a musician is to perform in front of live audience whether it’s a bunch of close friends or a packed Wembley Stadium
  • You don’t need to be a rockstar like Freddie Mercury to play to a live audience (for Wembley stadium you perhaps do)
  • Don’t wait till you can play guitar like Eric Clapton or Sing like Bhimsen Joshi, doing it just like yourself is good enough to entertain some audience
  • Try forming a group of friends with shared passion. There are couple of fairly easy hit songs that you can perform early in your music learning journey
5. Do it Together
  • Bring Group Dynamics while practicing or performing. Peer pressure and support not only helps you in maintaining higher discipline, but also makes it much more fun than doing it alone.
  • Visit jamming places or music learning centres where you can enquire about other people with similar skills who would be happy to join hands to play together.
  • Once you have formed a band or a group of people who like to play together, share mutual constructive appreciation and criticism with the objective of overall improvement. Remember, the collective sound is lot more important than the voice of your instrument.
6. Explore Internet join Social Platforms
  • There is Tons of material, social support, Tools, Techniques, and other knowledge goldmines available on Internet. You only need to have an eye for spotting what is good value and sometimes need help from like minded enthusiasts to help you identify Treasure from Trash
  • Muziclub has created a set of references which help you identify which are the better options on internet depending on your learning need
  • Some Valuable Source
7. Create your own Compositions 
  • You should start writing your own songs as early as you can Sooner the Better
  • If you are beginning to learn music, you will find soon how little it takes to start producing ‘pleasant’ sound on an instrument or through singing
  • You can create interesting, rather melodious Tunes knowing just the basics (See An introduction to Music)
  • Try creating your own sound patterns following simple rules

–Maintain steady tempo and rhythm

–Follow notes of a specific key and scale

–Use notes of consonance .e.g. notes of a chord

–Follow your heart

8.  Listen music around you
  • We are surrounded by all kinds of Sounds all the time. Spend a moment thinking about

–Pitch of the sound… what was the note that dog barked in

–Timber… wouldn’t that car horn sound nice playing a song

–Rhythm… Train rumbling along… Is it 4/4 beats


10. Join Muziclub