Top Ten Excuses for Not Learning Music

Playing music is such an amazing experience. It seems unbelievable that so many people find excuses for not pursuing active learning or involvement with music.

Based on our experience of thousands of enquiries and students, we have compiled a list of top excuses people find and why these are mere excuses.

We continue trying our best to make it hard for people to find any excuses.

  1. I have no music sense!

A lot of people still believe that music skill is some sort of god-given gift which they don’t have. They believe they have no music sense as they are "tone deaf".

However, numerous studies and tests around the world have concluded that being tone deaf is actually a myth. Most people who believe they are tone deaf can actually pick up music skills under proper guidance and support.


  1. I don't have time for music!

Lack of time is a very common excuse. Before going any further, ask yourself how difficult is it to free up some time from Facebook, WhatsApp, TV or all the other pointless things that make you so "busy". Even if you set aside just 15 minutes a day for music practice, you can see a remarkable difference in a short span of time.


  1. It's so hard to learn music!

If you want to be an accomplished artist, then it's no secret that you'll have to put in a massive amount of effort. As a general rule of thumb, a person needs to practise for 10,000 hours before becoming an expert.

However, if your goal is just to learn a few songs and get a basic sense of music skills, you don't need that much time. Even if you invest a meagre 15-30 mins every day in practice under the supervision of a good teacher, you can start playing songs that you can enjoy within a matter of months. Additionally, as you build up these skills, listening to music becomes so much more enjoyable.


  1. I'm too old to learn music!

Really? Just to make you feel better, we at Muziclub are proud of our so many young students who started learning after 60. Age is just a number. Grown-ups might need slightly different techniques than kids and a bit more patience, but with the right amount of practice and supervision, anybody can learn music no matter their age.


  1. I can't find a teacher!

Finding a good teacher who is accessible and affordable isn’t always easy. This is why online music classes are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow you to learn music in the comfort of your own home, so there is no excuse for not learning just because you don’t have a teacher close by.


  1. I tried to learn music, but I wasn't making any progress!

A vast majority of people give up learning a musical instrument after a while. Mostly this is due to a gap in expectations and a lack of self-discipline. It is important to have realistic expectations of what you can achieve with the practice you put in – you won't be sounding like Mozart after a couple of weeks! Ask for a guidance and counselling session if you are unclear about what to expect.


  1. Music classes are too expensive!

Music classes can seem quite expensive. However, if you compare that to other everyday costs, then it may not seem that expensive, particularly when you consider the value of music skills acquired. Moreover, with a variety of options available through the internet and multiple class formats you can easily find a method that suits your budget, not to mention the many free learning tools available for free over the internet.


  1. Practicing music is so boring!

Music practice (riyaz) is a daunting task, even for long term learners. It may seem very boring to repeat the same alankars (vocals patterns in indian classical music) or fingering techniques for guitar over and over again. Additionally keeping track of the exercises and which ones to practice when is quite cumbersome. This is why we are working on several options and tools to manage the riyaaz better to improve the effectiveness and engagement of practice time. Watch this space for updates.


  1. I make too many mistakes!

The concern about making mistakes while playing music puts off a lot of learners, especially grown-ups. It all depends on how a person reacts to making mistakes. You can either put in extra hours of practice or take the easy way out by deciding that you are "not made" for music playing. It is very important to find a supportive and encouraging teacher who is able to provide the right guidance for avoiding the mistakes. Moreover, you have to build the right level of tolerance for mistakes. It would be very unfortunate if you give up music just because you went off-key on one note while performing a song (which perhaps no one noticed).


  1. I lost my motivation!

Most music learners start with a lot of enthusiasm only to find motivation levels dropping in months when they find themselves not making any progress. A good teacher finds a way to motivate the student with the right level of encouragement. It is also helpful to find opportunities for performing with a live audience from early stages such as jamming sessions, forming bands, or performing for friends and family.


In a nutshell, any reason that is stopping you from learning music is merely an excuse. So what are you waiting for?


This article is contributed by Yogesh Rathore, Co-Founder of Muziclub