"The Connection" – Man and Music

Music, an art form, is not just a source of entertainment , it is something more than that. The importance of music is massive in various spheres of human life. In fact, music is the greatest creation of man, which touches the soul and also helps man to manifest unspoken desire and humanity in him.

Music stimulates emotions through specific brain circuits. Modern research supports conventional wisdom that music benefits mood and confidence.

Music’s beneficial effects on mental health is well known. Music can help soothe stress. There is no doubting the various powers of music, but the aspect of music which is of greatest value to the human being is its emotional aspects. Music helps us connect with deeper self and bring our emotions, for example, Sporting events; provide music to rouse enthusiasm, hence uplifting mood.

Scientifically, it has already been proven that music is an important aspect of education. Instrumental baroque music is great for improving attention and reasoning. Moderate music levels increase processing difficulty which promotes abstract processing, leading to higher creativity.

Music has miraculous powers for treating certain mental ailments such as anxiety, abnormal excitement or depression. It has excellent exhilarating power.

Music brings people together, whether it is the same taste or the willingness to try out something new, or even performing music with others. It helps us to express ourselves about how we feel about things around us and be the person who we really are on the inside. A way of communication is what can be termed here.

Music washes away from soul, the dirt of everyday life and inspires one to live a lofty life. There is absolute tranquility and harmony, when the magical notes of music enters ones heart. Music connects us to everything around us in the world and is present everywhere around us.


This article has been contributed by Akarsh Singh , Siddhanth Chakraborty , Sharad Nirmalkar & Kshitij Kumar .