Tanmay Mathew – Keyboard, Piano, Western Vocals, Harmonica


I was lucky to have been introduced to music by my own family. My grandfather is a gospel song writer, composer and singer, and my father was a singer and was a tabla player.My father also did his Visharad in tabla from Khairagarh University. I feel so privileged that my entire family encouraged learning music from very early childhood. That is how music entered my life.
During the early childhood,I started growing hearing gospel music every day. My grandfather use to play flute, mouth organ, keyboard,jaltarang and mendolin very well and during my early childhood I admired him a lot.And when I turned 4, I started playing harmonica on his directions. At the age of 10, I started learning tabla that helped me develop my rhythimic skills. My mother use to write poems and ghazals as a part of her hobies,and she was the first teacher of my life who taught me everything including singing. My father use to work with an orchestra at our hometown Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh. He was honoured and known as "THE VOICE OF MOHOMMAD RAFI"during his times. My father often use to take my tabla lessons at home,and he was the one who taught me how to analyse music composition and sing the songs with feel and emotions. I always loved playing keyboard and wanted to learn it more during the childhood. My parents shifted from Balaghat to Nagpur for the sake of our higher studies, and got me and my sister admitted to the MontFort school Nagpur.
During my school life at Nagpur,I learnt acoustic guitar under great supervision of Mr. Sanjay Gade sir.
My formal guitar training and music education started at the age of 13 . I started learning TCL guildhall grade 2,grade 3 of plectrum guitar and music writing. I feel lucky to have such great mentor who actually played a big role in making me what I am today.
I was also chosen in the group band at my school (MontFort school nagpur) and played keyboard for the first inter-school competition held at Vijayvada(A.P.)
Since I had good knowledge of rhythm and melody, it was a matter of times for me to start playing keyboard, harmonica and guitar.
After passing my 10th C.B.S.E board, I was admitted to the Polytechnic institute G.H.Raisoni, Nagpur for Computer Management program. I was one of the most enthusiastic students who were chosen for cultural committee of the college students council and always loved performing with my fellow classmates on the various occasions such as National festivals, college annual fest etc. However, I always wanted to learn music and make a carrier in it. By the age of 18, I had completed my Grade 3 of plectrum guitar. I was never determined to be a software engineer because I wanted to be a musician, hence, I decided to talk to my parents regarding that. Luckily, my parents understood my dream and accepted my request to change my stream to music. My uncle was residing in Pune, and I am very thankful to him because he was the one who told me about Bachelor's degree in music at Spicer college Pune. I started my bachelor's degree at Spicer in the year 2013 and came to the real world of music. I feel so privileged that I learnt music under Mrs. Glynn Lalkaka(F.T.C.L piano), Mrs. Lalrintluangi Koren (A.T.C.L. Piano), Ms Mary Davy (H.oD. Music Department S.A.U.) and Mr. M.G. Muang.
In 2006, my father suffered a massive heart attack, but soon after that he stood up on his feet and fought back. He always taught me and my sister to be self dependent because he knew that anything could happen to him anytime. So he wanted us to be self sufficient. During those days we had a financial breakdown due to his treatment so to help my studies and parents, I started working as a part time music teacher in the year 2014. I use to go to people's home to give keyboard and voice lessons, in the same year I started working with ART 4 FUN recreation Hub at Aundh. I use to work as a karaoke singer at Orchid Hotel, Balewadi highway to earn money after giving lessons for keyboard and guitar.
In 2014 November, I had my TCL grade 6 vocal exam and passed it with merit. Unfortunately, in Dec 2014 my father passed away due to pneumonitis. Being the elder and only son, I had to work and help my family in that situation. Those were the most difficult days of my life, but I thank God ,He helped me get through all those difficulties. In 2015 I started working with Music Campus along with Art 4 Fun recreation Hub as keyboard and guitar instructor.During these times, I participated in cultural activities at Spicer college and won many awards.
In my journey from 10 to 26 years, I have performed at various small and big functions.
• I won the inter Methodist church Youth Festival singing competition in year 2008.
• Played role as a high tenor in Spicer English choir.
• Played in various Festivals in College.
• I have completed Grade 2 and 3 Guitar and Grade 6 and 8 voice and Music theory grade 1 to 8 from Trinity College London.

What Music Means To Me

I believe Music made me what I am today. Music lies within everyone and everything in this world, just have to find it out. I cannot imagine my life without music.
I remember an incident,back in 2012 my teacher Mr. Sanjay Gade sir expelled me from his classes because I wasn't a regular student. I use to bunk my music classes and play with friends. One day sir saw me playing cricket with friends during class hour. The very next day when I went for my classes,sir said " Music is not your cup of tea. Being a musician is not easy. Musician's life has to be very disciplined and you are no way close to that. You cannot be a musician,go do something else".Those words made me realise how wrong I was and made me cry. I requested my teacher but he said " YOU CANNOT BE A MUSICIAN" and his words broke my heart. I came home crying. My father asked me what was wrong and I told him everything. He was upset with me but he explained to me, that it was my mistake and what teacher said is true. My father said " NOW, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE A GOOD MUSICIAN AND GIVE GURUDAKSHINA TO YOUR GURU IN THAT WAY." That was the day,when my life was changed forever. After I got admitted to Spicer college for Bachelors degree in music, I worked very hard and got my grade 8 voice cleared. Then, one day I went to Nagpur and met my Guru and showed him my certificate. He broke into tears and hugged me. It was his blessings that made me who I am.

What I Teach

• I teach Keyboard and piano from beginner to grade 5 TCL , and beginner to advance hobby.
• I teach western singing to Beginner and intermediate level, can teach both hobby and grade.
• I teach harmonica and melodica to beginners and Intermediate.

Muziclub and Me

I joined muziclub in October 2016 as a keyboard and western singing teacher. In the story of my success, Muziclub has played a vital role. It was the first time I was working with a dedicated music academy with standardized curriculum. I am thankful to Principal Mrs.Shruti Jakati for her continuous support since the beginning of my career at muziclub.i have learnt a lot from her. Muziclub has become a very important part of my life. I personally feel , curriculum that Muziclub have is very good and is keep on updating also . Teaching in Muziclub gives a good vibe to me as well as to student because of the musical environment, good instrument and good class room with all needed equipments. I glad to have such Management of muziclub that they are always ready to adopt new technology, techniques and idea in order to achieve the best teaching way. The entire team of Muziclub is just like a family to me. I want to thank our CEO Mr.Devinder Singh Chahal for his support on every step. I would pray that our Muziclub may reach greater heights of music education in future.

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