Swati Gavhane – Faculty Artist – Hindustani Vocals

"Music is finding your soul"

– Swati Gavhane

Swati Gavhane is Senier faculty for Hindustani vocal at Muziclub having 10 years of music teaching experience.


What students are saying about Swati maam

Minakshi Javeri

Swati Mam has a great voice. She has all the patience in the world. The way she teaches vocals is easy to understand and grasp. The best thing is she ensures whatever she is teaching to her students they get it completey. It's an Amazing experience to learn from her. I have started learning from her since Nov'21 and I must say I have got the confidence to sing infront of people which I was lacking before enrolling under her.

Manasi Pol

I am learning classical music from her since last 3 years. She is such wonderful teacher and she has helped me alot to gain more confidence in singing. Also, she is approachable to her student. You can connect with her at any time for your queries. She is so kind, understanding and patient. Thank you ma'am for being a wonderful. You have helped me to grow as singer. I am so grateful to have you as a teacher.

Dhruvi Valase

I am enjoying singing from Swati mam. Swati Mam's discipline is good , mam teaches nicely , mam voice is melodious

I belong to a middle class family. I was the pioneer to enter in this creative and melodious industry where I started my musical journey at age of 8 years. However music is in my genes as its come to me from my mother who always wanted to learn so, when she sensed I have good voice and more importantly passion for music, She made me to join regular classical music sessions with my first music Guru Mrs, Sabanvis ma'am and after that with Vaishali Tai", who inculcate in me the proper attitude and respect for the music.

Accomplishment of 5 musical exams from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya with good grade leads me to decide to aspire BA & MA in classical music from SNDT University Pune and I landed in Pune. Where not only my musical skills developed but also I got various opportunities to perform on the different platform.

Apart from all this I worked as a Music Teacher in many schools for 8 years. I also worked with TORRINS for one year as a music teacher. I was always interested in folk music. During my college tenure I joined many folk group as a lead singer. I used to sing for Lokdhara group for 5 years. I have also performed as a lead singer in Akluj Lavani Mohotsav (well known Lavani completion in Maharashtra).

My journey at Muziclub began in 2016 as a Music teacher for kids.

My Gurus:1) Shruti tai Ambekar- (Jaipur gharana gayaki, Pune) 2) Pournima Dhumale maam (Pune) 3) Shital More maam (Pune) 4) Mrs Sabanvis ma’am(Amaravati, Maharashtra) 5) Vaishali Tai(Amaravati Maharashtra)

My achievements/performances from 13 years till now.

  • Won 1st prize (Gold) in 12th for classical music.
  • Performed as a lead singer in Akluj Laawni mahotsav 
  • Won prize in various singing competition in school and college.
  • Given audition for many reality shows like Indian Idol, Sa re ga ma pa (Hindi & Marathi), Gaurav Maharastracha, Pune idol etc.
  • Engaged in numerous recording projects as a singer which also includes some theatres drama.

My viewpoints about music: Music in my humble opinion is the world to me, it makes me think about how it relate to life and to other people. It can be an escape or an opportunity to rejuvenate your mind. A moment to dive in and to hold something unique. Music could be your job, interest or a forever growing collection you cherish a lifetime. It is a response to rhythm and melody, whereby we can lose our inhibition and simply let ourselves go!

Courses by Swati Gavhane

Kid's Vocal and Ear Training

Learn the basics of singing. Ear training for vocals and interest development.

Hindustani Vocal Hobby & Light Music

Learn the basics of hindustani vocals. Learn hindustani Light Music (Sugam Sangit).

Hindustani Vocal Exam

Learn the advance of hindustani vocals and complete preparation of Akhilbharatiya gandharva exam.

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