Surjit Singh Sahani

" Often life seems to pass us by. We float through it directionless, entangled in the mundane daily tasks. Then something comes along and gives you new purpose and a reason to look forward to. That, for me, was music.
My first encounter with music was when my father's friend gifted me a harmonica when I was in 6th class. I was very excited and tried it out on my own. I even played "Hum Honge Kaamyaab" at the school function. But then later on because of responsibilities and lack of encouragement (someone even told me once that Sardars can't play Harmonica!) the Harmonica was left forgotten in my desk drawer somewhere.
We moved to Pune 30 years back. In those years, I did try writing, since I love stories, wrote a novel (which got misplaced and was never found), wrote a few movie scripts and even met Hema Malini and Dharmendra. But nothing ever worked out and I got busy with my business and my family.
After retirement, I was lonely and frustrated with the same boring conversations of news & politics on morning walks with colleagues.
And my left hand was paralyzed for a time. Things didn't seem to look up.
One day I was on way back after dropping my son to Balewadi and I saw Muziclub's board from the road. I decided to check for harmonica classes.I found the fees to be a little on the higher side and was about to leave when Muneem caught hold of me and asked me to just drop in for a Sunday Jam. And that first Sunday was a ray of Sunshine in my life. It was like outside that red door of muziclub, there was this sad, depressing world with all its problems and on the other side was this beautiful place where everyone was happy, joyful and always encouraging. I became a regular at Sunday Jam. I played harmonica, sang songs and shared my stories with this wonderful new family. I started learning harmonica and even picked up writing again. Life became a joyful journey as soon as I started living music. There was no judgement or expectations at muziclub and that made me realize that you don't need to be a swimmer to jump in the pool, you can even wet your feet and still have fun! And age does not matter when you want to pick up something new to learn. So now I am at Muziclub every Sunday to listen to students and performers and feel the range of emotions that music stirs up inside me. I thank Muziclub for providing this new direction to my life where I will live music everyday! "
– Surjit Singh Sahani

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