Subham Chand Sahu – Drums

I am a self taught drummer. I started playing on table when I was about 3 years old. Mostly I am into rock music and also have great interest in traditional Indian music where I can fuse my idea of rock drumming and to make an Indian-western fusion. I was in many bands back in my college days.

What Music Means To Me

According to me, music is the way of life. It teaches us almost everything which we use as a human being, in our day today life. It makes you creative, patient, handle an unseen event and obviously increases the reaction time to a particular event. So basically it makes you a genius.

What I Teach

I have been teaching drums since 3 years. Infact, teaching drums has taught me a lot which I had ignored while I was learning.

I teach drums for hobby as well as for Grade exams. I can teach upto Level 7.

Muziclub and Me

I have been connected to Muziclub since 2.5 years. Muziclub changed my way of thinking to music and playing drums. It taught me more of 'what not to' play than 'what to play'. The Saturday and Sunday jams are the real gems of Muziclub. I learned tempo control, steady drumming, playing essential and playing clean, which improved my drumming dramatically. I have some students who started the class because of their parent's interest or force but now ended up finding drumming as their passion. Now they are able to figure out even complex grooves of songs. This is my biggest achievement in teaching music.

My Performances

Learn From Me

Checkout some of the classes I provide and get in touch with Muziclub team today to arrange a free demo session.

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