Student Testimonials

Our students are our best reflection. Read on to know what they love about us. Following are examples of things we love hearing from our students and what keeps us going!


“The environment at Muziclub is awesome- especially the Teachers who are akin to Parents. I love to be learn here for the same reason.”

-Sanat Kumar


“It is fun learning here. I love the way they teach! I am very happy to be a part of Muziclub.”



“I have learnt many things here. I am able to learn theory as well which is so important!”

-Apurva Korgaonkar


“Great place to learn music. The instructors and staff are extremely courteous.”

-Suresh Narayan


“I like the institute-:) the way it is designed and structured. It’s a cool atmosphere here and the teachers teach in a comprehensive way.”



“Thanks for all the efforts. Can see a lot of improvement in my kid.”

-Aaryan Thorat


“Good synthesizers, great teacher. Nice experience, we look forward to Mondays.”

-Mitali and Soniya

“Guitar class with Milind is very good and a nice experience. I love to see that I’m improving.”


-Chintan Parmar


“Kenneth sir is the best teacher I have probably ever known and Muziclub truly rocks.”

-Asiya Guha