Soumil Rane – Faculty Artist – Hindustani Vocals

"Where words fail, music speaks"

– Soumil Rane

Soumil Rane is teacher at Muziclub having 15+ years of experience in music indestry.


What students are saying about Soumil sir

Priyanka Chatterjee

Soumil Sir is a great Teacher and above all, he is a brilliant musician himself. We have been fortunate enough to witness how his mind works during compositions, thanks to the Jamming sessions before our Annual Day. During the class, his ability to understand each student's potential and mold the student differently, is unparalleled. It's definitely not easy to manage a batch of students who are all elder to you !!! Soumil Sir surely has a unique teaching methodology. He doesn't mind repeating till he is convinced that the student has got the notes right, he is very strict and makes sure that students also practice. Without such discipline from the Teacher, it is very difficult to inculcate the right discipline amongst students and I respect Soumil Sir for that. It has been an absolute privilege to have a Guru like Soumil Sir.

Kedar Muzumdar

I have learning Hindustani Vocals for past 2 years in Muziclub with Soumil Rane sir. Soumil sir’s deep technical expertise in all forms of music including classical coupled with his unconventional but very practical techniques and tips to learn have made this a enjoyable experience for me. He has always been very forthright in praising as well pointing out mistakes and areas of improvement. If I compare to where I was 2 years back in music,I have gained loads of knowledge and hopefully have been able to help implement with help from Soumil sir.

Dr.Hemant Chikhalikar

Very cool for his chronological age.He is student friendly with excellent teaching skills.I really admire his patience.

"Indian classical is perceived as something difficult to understand and something that normal people can't learn. I wanted to teach Indian classical music in a very simple way."

 Learning Indian Classical for the last 18+ years in the shadows of some of the biggest names in India like Late Gansamradhni Kishoritai Amonkar, Pt. Suresh Bapat – Soumil took to teaching to share what he has learnt. With the idea to change the perception of Indian Classical music as something which is complex, his layman's interpretation of age-old techniques makes him unique in his field. Soumil embraces freedom of expression and encourages his students to truly understand music and apply it to their talents.

Apart from teaching music, Soumil is also a freelancing Music composer & producer and has worked on more than 15+ short films and advertisement jingles for reputed brands.

Soumi have 15+ years of experience in performing music and more than 7 years of experience in teaching music

Courses by Soumil Rane

Hindustani Vocal Hobby

Learn the basics of hindustani vocals.

Hindustani Vocal Exam

Learn the advance of hindustani vocals and complete preparation of Akhilbharatiya gandharva exam

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