Song for the soul


Hello All,

I was supposed to start writing for the Muziclub website blog a long time ago. I took a big gap after my Marathi blog माझी सुलूगिरी.

So here I am.

It's been a roller-coaster week for me. But today I am in a balanced mood. So here I am again posting a song for you all.

50 (almost there ) years of my life experience taught me that Life always takes your test of endurance, patience, etc. and Life is not fair to all.

Death equals all. But sudden demise of Mradul Singhal ( Amazing human being and a Super talented musician) in an accident made me realise that neither Life nor death is fair to anyone in this world.

And this outbreak of Corona has made everyone realise it is a game of the fittest to survive.

So I don't know any other way to keep you motivated.

Here comes the Inspiration-  Today the song which I am sharing has helped me heal many times. I have bounced back many times from tough situations due to MUSIC ONLY. Andrea Bocelli brings tears in my eyes and Laura Pausini is my sweetheart. I just love her singing. Today I am not in a mood to explain anything more than this.

Try looking at tomorrow not yesterday

And all the things you left behind
All those tender words you did not say
The gentle touch you couldn't find

In these days of nameless faces
There is no one truth but only pieces
My life is all I have to give

Dare to live until the very last
Dare to live, forget about the past
Dare to live giving something of yourself to others
Even when it seems there's nothing more left to give

Dare to live searching for the ones you love 

Dare to live no one but we all

 Dare to live until the very last

Your life is all you have to give  

Dare to Live…. Stay strong !!!!!