Song for the Soul… part 2

While counseling at Muziclub I come across many people who are of different social, economical and educational backgrounds. Some are serious in learning music some are drawn towards the fancy cool factor of being a musician and to grab attention from all. Different age groups, Different tastes or genres. 

But most of them are fascinated with Piano, violin and flute. I think the sound or the timbre of these instruments attracts humans to it. 

The World has seen the legends like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and so on. But today I am going to write about one South Korean Pianist and Music composer. The reason why I chose him is that his music very simple, melodious, happy and very positive. One need not know anything about classical music. His music is more about pattern, repetition, and structure. I think that is the reason he is very popular too. I always love simple melody, a simple rhythm which soothes your soul. 

More interesting facts about Yiruma are that While being successful in the music industry, Yiruma decided to serve in the South Korean military. Hence, in 2006 he gave up his British citizenship and enlisted in the Korean Navy. Completed his service in the Korean Navy, he began his musical career again.

In 2009, he became a DJ for KBS 1FM  and MC for MBC  in 2010. Yiruma has released 8 studio albums and composed lots of soundtracks for musicals, films and plays.

Subscribe to his channel and you will be more drawn to this instrument called "Piano".