Music artists and teachers need to build a strong personal brand to get more shows/gigs. This also helps in getting more students especially for online music classes. Muziclub helps you in creating various kinds of content such as cover songs, video lessons and viewpoints etc. Please contact us for more information on how we can help.

Benefits of creating and sharing content over web and social media:

  • Drive thought leadership through blogs / articles
  • Share individual experience as teacher to help others
  • Promote your students through Student Showcase
  • Publish Cover Songs and other creative content
  • Contribute to Community
  • Inspire and motivate others

You can publish your thoughts, viewpoints, learning tips and tricks and various kind of media at Please get in touch with us by filling a simple form mentioning kind of content you would like to publish and few details about yourself. We will discuss and setup your email id in the system. After this, you can simply email your content to It will automatically get published in 5-10 minutes in relevant category. 

Please refer to following figure for illustration of how this works.

Postie Tips and Tricks

  • Please attach a picture in landscape with about 4:3 ratio for best results. You can easily crop image using software such as Paint in windows.
  • By default the first picture in the attachment is used as the profile image for the post and all other images are shown at the bottom.
  • Include Tags for the post by using Tags: followed by actual tags as shown in picture above
  • You can use :start and :end tags to show the beginning and end of post. This is helpful if you want to avoid including  things like your email signature.
  • You can embed youtube video by copying and sharing link in the email body.
  • PDF files can be included in the attachment and will be automatically extracted and published in the post
  • Your email id needs to be setup on the system. This may involve a discussion and setup process.
Please go ahead and give it a try.

Guidelines for content types

Category Description Publisher
Guru Gyan Short snappy words of wisdom shared by faculty artists. Muziclub Faculty Artists
Student Showcase Couple of minutes video showcasing student skills Muziclub Faculty Artists
We Live music Inspiring stories of people living music under various situations Muziclub Faculty Artists or Students
Twist Covers Cover songs with a twist Video content owners
Faculty Artists Artist profile video and write up Muziclub Faculty Artist (self submission)
Blogs Articles, Point of view on music education and performance related topics Any registered publisher
Tabs and Chords Song performance instructions with tips and tricks through with write-up and video Faculty Artists
Riyaz Technical exercise instructions Faculty Artists
Events Listing of Events by Muziclub and other partner networks Any registered publisher