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Learn Raag Shree with Muziclub Riyazer Tool

You can use Muziclub Riyazer tool to listen to various note patterns used in Raag Shree and to practice alankar patterns. Doing regular riyaz of these alankars is crucial for learning and mastering Raag Shree. You can listen to the Raag patterns using the Play button against each. Use the controls below for selecting your preferred Scale/Key, instrument voice and tempo.

Raag Shree Framework

Raag Shree Pakad    [alankar] S ,N r ; r r P ; M Pd M G r G r S ; M P N S' r' ; r' N d P ; M d M G r ; G r S ; [/alankar]
Raag Shree Aaroha   [alankar] S r M P N S' [/alankar]
Raag Shree Avaroha   [alankar] S' r' N d P M P d M G r S; [/alankar]

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