Raag Gaud-Malhar

Jati:   Sampurna Sampurna Vakra
Thaat:   Bilawal
Vadi Samvadi:   Gandhar/Dhaivat
Varjit Swar:   None
Gaan Samay (Time to Sing):   Late evening (9PM to 12AM)

Bollywood Songs in Raag Gaud-Malhar

Learn Raag Gaud-Malhar with Muziclub Riyazer Tool

You can use Muziclub Riyazer tool to listen to various note patterns used in Raag Gaud-Malhar and to practice alankar patterns. Doing regular riyaz of these alankars is crucial for learning and mastering Raag Gaud-Malhar. You can listen to the Raag patterns using the Play button against each. Use the controls below for selecting your preferred Scale/Key, instrument voice and tempo.

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Raag Gaud-Malhar Framework

Raag Gaud-Malhar Pakad    S R G m ; R G m G m ; G R G (R)S ; m P D n P ; m P D N S' ;
Raag Gaud-Malhar Aaroha    S R G m ; R P ; m P D N S'
Raag Gaud-Malhar Avaroha    S' n D n P m ; G R G (R)S ; R G m ;

Raag Gaud-Malhar Videos

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