Online Music Classes – Future of Music Education

One of the biggest blocks towards learning music is access to a teacher. It is hard to find good teachers who are easily accessible and available at a mutually workable time. Due to this fundamental constraint a lot of people are unable to make a decent start towards learning music.

There is vast amount of great quality learning material freely available online over the Internet. However, this doesn’t quite replace the need of a good teacher. You are lot more likely to succeed in learning music from a teacher as opposed to doing on your own.

Online music learning with a live tutor seems to be the perfect solution to learn music at the convenience of your home from best teachers around the world. This option is being used by several people and been around for quite some time, but it is far from a mainstream solution as of yet.

Following are some of the key success factors that need to be considered to ensure widespread adoption of this method.

Web conference infrastructure: The basic key enabler towards online classes is good connection speed at both ends. With proliferation of high speed broadband connectivity across the globe this issue is gradually getting resolved, though it will perhaps still take a while for the average connection speeds to allow high (HD) quality real time audio video transmission at both ends. In additional to connection speed, other key factors that need to be considered are – Good web-training software such as Adobe Connect and Webex, decent quality laptop/PC, good quality Web-cam, headphones etc.

Teacher Availability: It is very difficult to search and find the right teacher over the web. It would be far handier to have a pool of highly skilled teachers with relevant expertise and experience for a variety of Music Instruments and Genres available on a common platform. The platform needs to manage selection and on-boarding, ongoing training, certifications and nurturing of talented teachers to ensure excellence in learning experience.

Structured Programmes: It is important to have a well-defined and well-structured courses and programmes to ensure consistent experience for various students learning from a wide range of teachers. This is needed to ensure that any new person joining online learning has clear expectations to make an informed decision about joining the programme.  

Affordability: Music education is not always affordable for everyone. So for widespread adoption, it is important to build up a model where high quality training is available at reduced cost. This can be achieved through scalable efficient operational management leveraging global talent.

With continuous improvements happening in above factors, online learning is set to expand big time in the coming years.

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