Nirav Chakrabarti – Guitar Student / #studentshowcase / Master Of Puppets

Nirav Chakrabarti has been learning guitars at Muziclub since 2016 and has been learning from Conrad Bhengra sir for the past 3+ years. 

This 16 year old covers Master of Puppets by Metallica in this video! 

(He played this live in one take! Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield will be proud 🤘🏼) 

We think it was absolutely flawless. Check it out and decide for yourself… do not miss the solo 🎸🔥



This song has recently come up in the charts thank to Stranger Things season 4.

But we love this classic track since long before that 🤘🏼


Here is what Conrad sir has to say about Nirav:

“It's a pleasure teaching Nirav. 

He's very enthusiastic about learning about music, recording and performing. 

We often talk about music and guitar related things over text messages. 

He has made steady progress over the years and if he goes at the same pace, he will definitely make a mark in the music scene.”

We wish Nirav all the best and for him to keep living music 🎶


Audio mixed by Hardik Vaghela.

Video shot by Nihaal Makani and Hardik Vaghela.

Edited by Hardik Vaghela


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