Muzicean – Take Your Music Learning to the Next Level!

Muziclub brings to you a brand new tool to take your music learning to the next level!

Muzicean aims to bring together a lot of music tools and services in one place, which can be used to support your face to face lessons with the teacher and which can be used independently as well.

Muzicean is powered by Torrins and has loads of featurs to makes learning more interesting and fun.

All videos are high quality, professionally recorded with multiple camera angles so that you do not miss anything. These include Lessons, Tips and Tricks from world famous artists such as Rob Marcello, Muriel Anderson, Ehsaan Noorani and Salman Ahmed

You can make your own notes and create own loops and bookmarks for each video. There are tabulatures and sheet music for each lesson and song tutorial. New videos and tutorials added regularly.

Huge Discounts for Students as well as non-Students!

Go to and use following Discount Codes:
➡ For yearly subscription : LAUNCHYEAR
➡ For quarterly subscription: LAUNCHQUARTER
➡ For monthly subscription: LAUNCHMONTH

Students enrolling in online classes get FREE Access to muzicean!

So what are you waiting for?

For any queries, contact the front desk at any of the muziclub centres or call 020-46770150.