Music Workshop for Children – MUSIC LAB


In Music LAB is a team of musicians and teachers from Spain, which believe that learning must be fun.


Here is what they have to say about the workshop:

We want the children to enjoy music, fostering curiosity in a joyful and motivational way, using music as a tool for developing skills as creativity, teamwork, emotional intelligence and self-confidence.

 Our focus is to make kids experiment, feel, enjoy, fail and understand music, so they will improve based on their passion and willingness to learn.


With Music LAB, kids will…

  • Sharpen their ear and rhythm

  • Develop their creativity

  • Show interest in music

  • Experiment different instruments

  • Lose fear to perform for an audience

  • Create their own music

  • Enjoy music & feel it deeply


In these workshops we develop the children's skills through dynamics and games, we create a space where they can create and feel the music. We put our focus in the "learning by doing"; giving importance to children´s practice and experimentation.


– Instruments creation

– Games (chairs, fortepiano, aeroinstruments…)

– Rhythms

– Notes


– Instruments

– Song

– Percussion set


When: 14th & 15th October

Where: Muziclub, Baner

Fees: INR 600 (Half workshop, 1 day), INR 1000 (Full workshop, 2 days)

For registrations contact any of the Muziclub front desk or call 020-46770150