Mozarts: Born or Built

A lot of people believe music to be an inborn talent. Many people are convinced that music skills are not their cup of tea especially after a few failed attempts at learning guitar or piano. Music is thought to be running in artist’s blood.

Genetics vs environment

Human brains in general are genetically programmed to appreciate music and have the innate potential to acquire music skills. Like any other language, music can be picked up naturally and seemingly effortlessly by a human mind, especially at a young age. However, this talent is usually acquired only through a musical environment and sustained intense efforts. One of the best known child prodigies Mozart was immersed in a rich music environment right from his birth. With active support from his talented musician father, he had undergone 10000+ hours practice while still being of single digit age. Arguably, he would perhaps have not managed to do much if he lacked exposure to such stimulating environment.

Passion – the critical Force

In addition to the environment, a deep rooted passion and commitment towards music plays a big role in building the skills. Nobody quite knows for sure why and how some people build passion towards something. This is almost like falling in love – it’s hard to say why someone falls in love with another person. However it can be safely argued that any person who has developed a strong passion towards excelling in music and has got the right kind of environment can become an accomplished artist, particularly if the environment is available at a young age.

Getting the Mozart out

While we are not quite sure how to build or develop passion towards music in people, it is clear that various environment factors are critical and much needed towards enabling music skills. These factors need to be tailored for fitment with needs of various types of people. For example, some people learn better in groups, some in individual setting. Some people may love the appeal of wind instruments while others find percussion more interesting. It is necessary to constantly evaluate various means to make it as easy as possible for people to learn music whatever their interests and circumstances are. This includes things like workshops and group sessions, online classes, group learning for school students etc. Any average human brain is more than capable of learning music skills through right methods. There is a Mozart within each of us – we just need to get him out. Music skills are far too rewarding to be missed out in one’s life.

"Without music, life would be a mistake." – Friedrich Nietzsche

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