Top Ten Raags in Bollywood Songs

Raags are the backbone of Indian Classical Music and provide so much of beauty and expressiveness. No wonder a lot of most popular Bollywood songs are based on Raags. We analyzed hundreds of popular songs based on Raags to identify which ones have been most popular through the ages.

This should be useful for people learning Indian music with interest in bollywood songs. Nearly half of all Bollywood Songs based on classical music use one of these ten Raags.

1. Raag Pahadi – 10.4%

Raag Pahadi emerged as the most popular Raag with more than 10% songs based on it. This Raag is based on Bilawal Thaat which is same as Major Scale in western music. It is a popular Raag used in folk music across India

Bollywood Songs in Raag Pahadi

Raag Pahadi

2. Raag Bhairavi – 6.4%

Raag Bhairavi is based on Bhairavi Thaat and has been used extensively in Bollywood songs. With several notes flattened (komal), the raag provides serene soft touch and pleasant romantic atmosphere.

Bollywood Songs in Raag Bhairavi

Raag Bhairavi

3. Raag Pilu – 6.0%

Raga Pilu provides light touch and is very common in Bollywood songs. This raag helps in expressing emotions of happiness, love and affection and has been used in several scenarios in film music.

Bollywood Songs in Raag Piloo

Raag Pilu

4. Raag Yaman – 6.0%

Raag yaman is one of the most well known Raags of Indian classical music and has been used across film songs, devotional songs and other forms of light music. It is based on Kalyan thaat.

Bollywood Songs in Raag Yaman

Raag Yaman

5. Raag Bhupali – 3.6%

Raga Bhoopali is one of the basic Raags of Indian classical music along with Raag Yaman and Raag Bhairav. It uses five notes of Kalyan Thaat. The Raag emphasizes lower notes reflecting deep meditative mood.

Bollywood Songs in Raag Bhupali

Raag Bhupali

6. Raag Darbaari Kaanada – 3.4%

Bollywood Songs in Raag Darbaari Kaanada

Raag Darbari Kanada

7. Raag Yaman Kalyan – 3.4%

Bollywood Songs in Raag Yaman Kalyan

8. Raag Shivranjani – 3.0%

Bollywood Songs in Raag Shivranjani

Raag Shivranjani

9. Raag Ahir Bhairav – 1.8%

Bollywood Songs in Raag Ahir Bhairav

Raag Aheer Bhairav

10. Raag Jhinjhoti – 1.8%

Bollywood Songs in Raag Jhinjhoti

Raag Jhinjhoti

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