Monday Mixtape – Vol #3 : Favourite Songs Of The Week!


By now, you must have heard about our #MondayMixtape Series. You can read about it here: Monday Mixtape Vol #1

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What better way to start a Monday than by listening to great music?! 🎶 ✨

With that, let's get on Vol #3:

1. John Mayer – Say

This recently got uploaded on John Mayer's YouTube channel, even though this is an old song from the movie "The Bucket List". Guess this was like a Flashback Friday but it gave me a chance to revisit the song. This has been one of my favourites from John Mayer just for its heart touching lyrics.

Even if your hands are shaking
And your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closin'
Do it with a heart wide open

So awesome! A few teardrops might have rolled down my eyes while listening to this. Such a mood-lifting motivational song.

A perfect way to start the Monday.

2. Ronald Reggae – Jamaican Rhapsody

Everyone who is a Queen fan has surely seen the Bohemian Rhapsody movie trailer. I am personally super excited for that movie. Rami Malek looks awesome!

But, I also bumped into this while browsing and it made my day! 😂 (sometimes you just gotta love YouTube suggestions).

I must admit I love stupid (but witty) stuff like this. 😁 (case in point)

The lyrics are well placed, a great job has been done bringing in the reggae vibe to the song, and overall it is just fun.

3. OOPAR OOPAR RENN DE | The Bro Anthem | Happii-Fi

Speaking of stupid (but witty) stuff, this is another Ganja based song. Though they never explicitly mention it in the song. Oopar, of course, means Up which can also be referred to as High. See what they did there? haha…
There is a neat little story in the YouTube description of how they made this stop-motion video. Some great graphics going on here. Have to give it to this team for a well-made product 👏🏽

4. Nothing More – Don't Stop feat. Jacoby Shaddix

I came across this band while watching this video by the Ten Seconds Songs guy. He talks about his thoughts on 'why rock is dead'. Some really great insights in that video, you must watch.

In the video, he talks about why he likes this band "Nothing More". They are a rock band who sound like they belong in 2018 and have "second-to-none" live shows.

This was enough to peak my interest and I immediately googled the band. This was the first song that came up and I loved it! What powerful vocals – they really hit you! The thing about all your favourite rock bands of the 70s and 80s is that everything there was real – no autotunes, no quantizations – raw power and emotion which came from within. They practised till they were super tight and everyone in the band gave it their best.

I felt that in this song. I saw a few videos of their live performances as they have the same energy. (You gotta check this video. It is a big Transformers type looking machine which plays something that sounds like a cross between Rock and Dubstep – RockStep?)

Also #bodygoals.

5. Damien Rice – Cheers Darlin'

Speaking of real emotions and real performances – this is something you just gotta see! I shared this link in the Sunday Jammers WhatsApp group a few days back. The song I had heard a long time back. Damien Rice is one of my favourite songwriters.

This live performance is one of his best I would say. It starts so innocently with this great performance technique of calling someone on stage and actually telling a story while finishing a whole bottle of wine. He really gets drunk on stage! And then the emotions and music flow through him. You can feel his pain and sadness. And when that cello hits, and if you've ever been through a heartbreak, you will not be able to stop yourself from crying.

So whats your #MondayMixtape?

Let's hear them lovely songs.

Spread great music 🎶

This article has been contributed by muziclub co-founder Hardik Vaghela.