Monday Mixtape – Vol #2 : Favourite Songs Of The Week!


Last week we started a new series called #MondayMixtape.

You can read about it here: Monday Mixtape Vol #1

This is a series in which anyone can participate.

Here is a quick recap on how to get involved:

  1. Make a post (on muziclub/your favourite blogging platform/in the comments section).

  2. Use #mondaymixtape and #muziclubmondaymixtape hashtags.

  3. Post links to 5 songs you like.

  4. Tell us why you like them. Point out features that surprised you, stuff you learnt from the song, etc etc.

If your post is selected, it will be featured on the muziclub website and social media platforms. 

What better way to start a Monday than by listening to great music?! 🎶 ✨

With that, let's get on Vol #2:

This week I decided to list few of my favourite soundtracks from movies, TV and games.

1. Westworld Soundtrack – Main Title Theme – Ramin Djawadi

Bring yourself back online. 

In case you haven't noticed, Westworld is back with Season 2! (How many of you've seen this amazing series?)

I have been a fan of Ramin Djawadi since I first heard the Game Of Thrones theme. And this one definitely has his signature style. I love how he chooses very appropriate sounds which fit perfectly with the show's theme and the main melody is something you can always hum and easily remember. The western bar-upright piano sound is what I have tried to recreate on many occasions using Arturia's Piano V as well as Pianoteq. (love both those piano VSTs – Piano modelling has come very far, time to say goodbye to sample libraries?!). There is a preset in Piano V2 called Piano Bar U3 – try it, comes close if you modify it a little.

2. Game of Thrones – Light of the Seven (Live)


Apart from the Red Wedding scene, this scene from Season 6 Episode 10 of Game Of Thrones is probably the most talked about. This is the very first time a Piano was used in the GoT score. Yes, the first time in 6 seasons! What a piece of genius this is! And to fully appreciate it, you need to watch this live version. It will give you chills, guaranteed.
Then, go watch that scene again paying attention to the score. Brilliant!

3. Is She With You? – Batman v Superman Soundtrack – Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL


What happens when two powerful movie score composers collaborate? You get a massively power inducing track.
As someone says in the comments of this video – "This is the moment when Batman and Superman became sidekicks" and I 100% agree with this guy.

Some facts to note here:

  • The main melody you here is an Electric Cello (not a guitar). It's played by Tina Guo. You must check out this music video of hers where you can see her play it with the intensity of Wonder Woman herself!

  • The melody note choices are quite similar to Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song. Going a semitone down creating dissonance and then resolving back up a semitone. Immigrant Song also gives the same feeling of intense power when you listen to that wail by Robert Plant. (So next time you wanna create a powerful riff, you know what to do 🤓)

4. Max Payne – Main Theme

Let's move on to some game themes. This is one game I have played many many times over. Of course, the bullet time was the main reason, but I also loved the soundtrack. This main Piano theme is a favourite of mine. There are a couple of instances in the game itself where you will find a piano and if you take Max near it, he will try to play this tune (and fail 😝). Quite a quirky easter egg. I also love the kick drum on the track which kinda gives the feeling of a heartbeat and the piano phrasing put together with it creates a feeling which makes me just a little tense and uncomfortable. Gives a feeling of what must be going on in Max Payne's head. This brings back a lot of childhood memories.

5. Belleville – Django Reinhardt (Theme from Mafia game)



Mafia is another game from my childhood and I remember this track specifically since I have spent countless hours driving around the game map in those 1940s cars (terrible handling) listening to this song on the radio station in the car. This usually came up when you are driving past Central Island. In fact, I guess this was my first introduction to Jazz music! 🙈

And now, I quite enjoy driving around in real life as well listening to some good old jazz!

So whats your #MondayMixtape?

Let's hear them lovely songs.

Spread great music 🎶

This article has been contributed by muziclub co-founder Hardik Vaghela.