Matthew John Piper

To Mom, Dad, Alyson, Joel, Ethan , and my clarity Brother Bill Piper

Music, what a blessing and curse in our lives! For me the blessing has been the opportunity for me to grow inside & out while the curse for me has been to experience the poison of a small infintesimal portion of the success that affords me the opportunity to be humbled. In being humbled I find Joy & Pain. Like the day & night passing seamlessly so does the joy & pain.
My name is Matthew John Piper, second son of Richard and Judy Piper simple people who love Jesus Christ the son of the One living God who died and rose in three days a perfect magnet the Son of God, who has the power to forgive sins and place them as far as the east is from the west. I now have Alyson, Joel and Ethan to thank for my songwriting ventures. They are the inspiration for what comes from my heart.
Music, my mother loves music, and whether on Key or not her heart was formostly evident. Thence my passion comes for her love of simple but powerful hymns such as Amazing Grace and The Old Rugged Cross. Music has taken this quiet shy boy and given me a larger soul, mind and heart.
I came to India at God’s direction a lost broken person of divorce after 18 years of marriage. I had no one – knew no one. I was lonely more only one time while in Jail for something I did to myself. A lost abandoned feeling. There I reconnected with my salvation through song. When I was in torment 24 /7 I would hear my mother sing Amazing Grace, “ I once was lost but now I am found”
So here I am found who I am and was fortunate that I was placed across from a music club. The staff and patrons were my new solid ground, my anchor. The building itself exudes, Peace, love emotional passion in what is learned, taught and expressed through every aspect of the muziclub, from its warm community of talent to it daily visits of many on a similar journey lost but finding their way through music ala MUZIClub. I will always be eternally grateful for the distant but caring and watchful eye of the very foundations of Muziclub from Mam Shruti to Muneem to all the friends that may even pray for me in heart and song. TO them I say Thank you and Wish them “All the Best” From the bottom of my heart.
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