Malay Kale – Drums Student / #studentshowcase – No One Knows – Drums Cover

Malay Kale has been learning drums at Muziclub since 2019 from Akarsh Singh sir.

This 11 year old also has his own YouTube channel and Instagram page helped on by his very enthusiastic and supportive parents!

Here, he performs the Drum Cover for the song "No One Knows" by the band Queens Of The Stone Age.


Here is what Akarsh sir has to say about Malay:

“He is probably one of the best student I have ever trained. 

May that be being disciplined or being honest about what he did through the week. 

The best part about training him is we always have 2 way discussion about the instrument which is very rare experience to me honestly and it feels amazing.”


We wish Malay all the best and for him to keep living music 🎶

Go give him some love on his Instagram page and YouTube channel as well by subscribing and leaving a comment & a like. ❤️


Audio mixed by Hardik Vaghela.

Video shot by Hardik Vaghela.

Edited by Nihaal Makani.


Check out Malay's previous video of him performing the cover of Chop Suey! by System Of A Down. 


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