Lokesh Gupta – Tabla and Drums

About music background, music education and achievements:

I was lucky to have introduced to music by my own family. I had my sister singing and father playing tabla as soon as I entered my home after my birth. That is how music entered my life.
I started growing hearing music every single day and when I turned 3, I started trying my hands on Tabla. My sense of rhythm was quite good even at the age of 3. So, my father decided to start my Tabla lessons.

My formal tabla education started at the age of 5, under guidance of my Guruji – Ganesh Ram Bareth. I feel lucky to have such great mentor who actually played a big role in making me what I am today.
By the age of 7 or 8, I started performing on small function as Solo Vadan and used to do “Sangat” for both classical and light music.

Since I had good knowledge of rhythm, it was a matter of times for me to start playing dholak and congo.

When it was any function at school, I was the one always considered for playing table/dholak/congo. When there was any folk festival in town, I was the one who used to get a call to accompany them.

 At the age of 16, I completed my Visharad in Tabla from Gandharv Mumbai University and then  Alankar at the age of 20.

Completed my Masters from Khairagarh University (Chhattisgarh)

It was my dream come true to receive my MA degree by world famous tabla player and my role model Ustad Zakir Hussain

Tabla was one part of my musical journey.

As soon as I entered my college started playing other  percussion instruments like Drums , Djembe , Cajon.

I joined by college band as drummer and eventually I was the common name across the college well known as drummer.

I was also part of various audio/video albums as a drummer and Tabla player.

In my journey from 5 to 25 years, I have perfomed at various small and big funtions.

·         I won District level Youth Festival tabla competition in year 2013.

·         Played in Chakradhar Samaroh(Raigarh) with my Master Shri Pradipto Lahiri.

·         Played in various Festivals in College.

·         I have completed Grade 8 Drums  from Trinity College London. 

Own thoughts about how music is important in my life.

As I was brought up with music all around, I can never image my life without music.

I would say it is like my shadow, which is never separated from me.

I remember a major incident in my life when I met with accident and had my leg broken and operated. I was advised bed rest for around 2 months. I was there in hospital for a week after operation and it was just 2 days, I was without my tabla and I started feeling restless. Therefore, I got permission to get my table in hospital itself and started playing there. That is how I was able to bear the emotional and physical trauma that accident did to me. Music was the only thing that gave me strength back then and even now, music is the only thing, which keeps me going in any situation of life.

In short, music is part of my soul, it has the same importance in my life as food and health is to me.

Courses I teach:

·         I teach tabla from beginner  to Advance level , both hobby and Grade.

·         I teach drums to Beginner and intermediate level, can teach both hobby and grade.

·         I teach djembe and cajon to beginners and Intermediate.



Profile page :

Instagram: lokzy_95


Muziclub Experience :

I joined muziclub in year 2017 as a Tabla  and Drum Teacher. It was my first experience to teach music at institutional level. I personally feel ,curriculum  that Muziclub have is very good and is keep on updating also . Teaching in Muziclub gives a good vibe to me as well as to student because of the musical environment , good instrument and good class room with all needed equipments. I glad to have such Management of muziclub that they are always ready to adopt new technology , techniques and idea  in order to achieve best teaching way.