Learn Western Vocals

Our Vocal training courses specialise in creating a sound foundation in ear-training, basics of music and its practical application. We have a variety of vocal programs to choose from and groom them in various styles according to their preferences and skills.

Western Vocals:  Our western singing classes focus on:

  • Voice modulation
  • Voice strengthening
  • Ear-training
  • Western Music Theory

The course is designed to accommodate beginners as well as experienced students.

A must if you want to pursue Vocal Performance, prepare for international vocal exams or want to join a hobby class with western influences, our curriculum is designed to make your voice shine.

Muziclub Certificate Program:

Eight Levels, from Level 1 to 8. Each level is followed by an assessment for Certificate.
Trinity / ABRSM Graded course:

Course Details: The Syllabus of this course is as per Trinity / ABRSM.