Learn Stairway to Heaven on Guitar - Led Zeppelin

Genre:   Rock
Artist:   Led Zeppelin
Album:   The Song Remains the Same
Instructor:   Mike Walker
Tutorial Level:   Intermediate
Instrument:   Guitar
Original Song Key:   A minor
Song Tempo:    63 bmp

Stairway to heaven is one of the most iconic Rock Songs of all times and everybody learning guitar craves playing it. The gentle guitar picking at the start of the song leads to mesmerizing vocals followed by powerful sounds of breathtaking guitar licks and heart thumping drums. A lot of people learn the initial distinctive piece and never bother to learn rest of the song. However the beauty of this song demands that any serious guitarist should attempt to play this in its entirety.
We have following video lessons for learning this song through Muzicean, in collaboration with Torrins. All video lessons are professionally recorded with multiple camera angles and several features for quick and effective learning.

1 Introduction
2 Intro Piece
3 Section A and B
4 Section C and D
5 Section E and F
6 Song Demo
7 Solo Lesson
8 Overdubs

Learn Stairway to Heaven from Mike Walker

In addition to online videos, you can join classes from live tutor for instant guidance and feedback to ensure you are learning the right way. This helps you in learning all the right techniques and  methods to master the song.

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