Learn Bollywood Singing

Bollywood songs are known for their charm and liveliness. This course is suited for those who want to learn singing Bollywood songs of their favourite artists.

Why Should I Sing?

The human voice is one of the most wonderful musical instruments capable of producing rich musical tones and endless pitches, and the best thing is it comes absolutely free.

This course is targeted for people with little or no background in Singing. It is simply unmissable for so many reasons:

  • Improve Health and Happiness – Singing is a good aerobic exercise involving deep breathing and without any doubt makes you happier reducing stress levels and blood pressure
  • Stuctured package using tons of experience – Muziclub teachers have used decades of teaching experience to create this fun filled package as fast fun filled way to learn your favourite songs
  • Becomes Star of Karaoke parties – This course includes tips and guidance for using right techniques and picking right songs for right occassions to help you dazzle on all occassions with sing opportunties
  • Adopt Music as Way of Life – Muziclub is all about instilling love of music in everyone and making music a way of life. Vocaling your favourite songs is the best way to develop your ear and improve overall musicality to make music inseparable part of your life.

Course Structure

This course includes introduction to fundamental music concepts required for Singing. There will be numerous examples and references from Indian and Western Styles largely focusing on common elements which help in singing famous Bollywood songs. The course aims to instil love for Music, especially Singing and will help in making music a part of your life.

This course comprises of 25 instructor led one on one sessions split in two modules to be provided over a period of six months. Every module will be for 12 weeks and their will be final recital session at the completion of the course.

Each session will for for 60 minutes duration. The sessions will cover various aspects of knowledge and skills required for singing.

  • Overview of Music Notes and Scales
  • Breathing Exercises and Techniques
  • Identifying your Vocal Range
  • Identifying favourite Songs suited to Voice
  • Song Structure and Arrangement
  • Introduction to Rhythm
  • Riyaz method and techniques
  • Common Alankars for riyaz
  • Thaats and Ragas
  • Most popular Ragas in Bollywood Songs
  • Changing Song Key for Vocal Range
  • Singing with accompaniment
  • Practical tips for public performance
  • Karaoke Singing
  • Making Singing More Expressive
  • Enriching Voice Quality

Learning Outcomes

  • Sing confidently in public
  • Karaoke Singing
  • Be able to perform simple songs

Next Steps After Completing This Course

After completing this course, you can continue your musical journey in multiple ways based on your evolving interest and abilities. Your Muziclub teacher will be happy to discuss further learning Options with you such as:

  • Undertaking Graded Exams
  • Learning a wider range of songs and singing styles
  • Operatic Singing
  • Professional Singing
  • Singing in a Band