Khalid Shaikh – Faculty Artist – Keyboards/Piano

"Where words fail, music speaks."

– Khalid Shaikh

Khalid Shaikh is teacher at Muziclub having 6 years of music teaching experience.


What students are saying about Khalid sir

Darsh Bhagat

I am learning keyboard from Khalid sir from Feb 2022, and he is a wonderful teacher. He guides me and corrects my mistakes, appreciates me if I do good. I enjoy learning keyboard from Khalid Sir. Thank you Sir.

Pavani Kotwal

I am glad that my daughter (pavani – 9 years old) is under the guidance of Khalid Sir.. He is a very dedicated, patient, excellent and friendly teacher who encourages and motivates her in learning piano. I am really happy to see that she has developed more interest in playing piano and always look forward to her next lesson. Thank you teacher Khalid for you have done a great job.

Naisha Kawadikar

Naisha is attending Khalid’s sir classes for close to 2 months. His methods of teaching and handling small kids is amazing. He makes learning very easy for them and they are able to remember as well as practise without parents involvement. He is very patient and makes sure the environment is light and kid also look forward to attend the next class with enthusiasm. It has been an excellent experience.

Adhiraj andurkar

Khalid sir's teaching technique is very well. I can understand what he teaches her easily.

I am  Khalid Sameer Shaikh. my  Age is 24.

My Qualifications: Bachelor Performing ARTS( MAJ IN PIANO) From Spicers Adventist University.

Core Qualification : TCL Piano&Music Theory Grade 6. Currently Persuing TCL Grade 8.

My Work :
*Talented piano teacher with considerable experience in teaching different ages and skill.
* levels from beginners to advanced. Particularly adept at teaching children and younger students.
* Able to teach a variety of musical styles, including jazz, blues, classical improvisation, coaching students towards taking examinations and performing live on stage.
* Uses an effective variety of specialist teaching techniques to make lessons fun and enjoyable.
*Helps students to understand musical theory as a basis to their learning.

Key Skills :-
*Can develop individual lessons plans.
*Innovative and imaginative tutor.
*Able to relate to piano students of all ages.
*Good with nervous students.
*Specialist in teaching students with learning difficulties.

Courses by Khalid Shaikh

Piano / Keyboard -Hobby

Learn the basics of Piano/Keyboard

Piano/Keyboard- Trinity Grade

Learn to advance Piano/Keyboard and complete preparation of Trinity & ABRS grade exam.

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