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"Music, A rare perpetual creation of mankind.

– Kenny Khandka

Kenny Khandka is Teacher at Muziclub having 8 years of experience in music indestry


What students are saying about Kenny sir

Avani Fattekhani

Love attending classes. Get to learn a lot of new things everyday. Thank you.

Jayad Fattekhani

Enjoy class every week. Thank you.

Saharsh Ambekar

He is an exceptional teacher. He is very patient ..calm and always helps me in difficult places. ..he is my most favourite teacher ! He always encourage me to achive my best n keeps motivating ! I always look forward to attend his classes and wait for my music sessionsđŸŽ¶…. I wish him best in his life and continue grasping the music skills from him !

Background and Intro: Coming from a family background where music is commonplace in all festivities and gatherings, Getting involved with music in some form or the other is inevitable. Music came calling out to me when I was about 8 years old situated outside the country. Ms. Linda, My music teacher then, had identified my musical aptitude and pushed me to audition for the school choir. Soon enough I was in the front row taking part in all musical activities. Seeing my enthusiasm dad surprised me with an acoustic guitar… only to realize my hands were too small and fragile to handle the prowess required to strum a guitar, Consequently I was presented with a keyboard for my 8th Birthday. Contrary to popular belief that "musicians are born talented" it required a lot of practice and hard work for me to get to the level where I am at right now. Every day after school I would come home and spend time listening to songs pre-loaded on my keyboard. The vastness of music genres kept me hooked, Like an adult browsing through Netflix determining which show will satisfy his daily dose of dopamine; Rap, Soul, Blues, Country, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Gospel, Neo Soul, Metal, Rock, Love Ballads, Classical, you name it. I was listening to it all at the age of 8. Which brings me to rule number 1 about music, "Just Listen…" Thats all the rule is "Just listen".

I didn't realize it then but listening is one of the most important life skills one can master. Hence, I listened to my heart and began my formal music training under Mr. Deaver, My music and piano mentor/guru/instructor. I am extremely grateful to be guided by him in my music journey. He has always pushed me to take up new challenges. Right from being an accompanist for the school choir to learning tabla to improve my rhythmic skill to hosting a school radio talk show to performing in front of Taufiq Qureshi and Raghu Dixit live to completing Grade 6 in western classical piano from Trinity college of London to later on assisting him with piano lessons. The list goes on and on. Soon after completing High School my application to study music got accepted at Spicer Adventist university. The opportunity to perform at Churches and come together with like minded talents to bounce off of each others musical ideas was the primary attraction for me. However, the task was not as easy as I had anticipated. I spent 2 grueling years learning about Music theory, History, Musicality, Lesson planning, Background score analysis, Playing different instruments, Conducting and sight singing/reading. Although there was a lot to be learnt. Our instructors always used to emphasize on slowing down and reevaluating every lesson that was taught. Which brings me to rule number 2, "Slow down" Music or any other subject for that matter can not be conquered in a day. Give your body some time to adapt, broaden and develop muscle memory.

I consider myself to be very lucky to have been accepted by Muziclub right from my 1st year of college. My experience here has been paramount to the way I learn and teach music for a living. I strive to be a teacher that can be looked up to for all ages just like my mentors; Ms. Linda, Mr. Deaver, Mrs. Lalkaka, Mrs. Mang, Ms. Heidi, Mr. Muang and Ms. Mary. An extended and sincere thanks to all Muziclub staff for accepting and helping me day in and day out. Which brings me to rule number 3, "Be Thankful…. So I say Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing Thanks for all the joy they're bringing Who can live without it? I ask in all honesty What would life be? Without a song or a dance, what are we? So I say thank you for the music For giving it to me"

On my musical journey (still ongoing) here are a few small things about me which will give you a bigger picture:

  1. Teaching music for 6 years to students of all ages.
  2. Accompanist for numerous Choir festivals in Pune.
  3. Grade 6 Piano and Grade 1 to 8 Music Theory from Trinity College London
  4. Bassist for the Spicer English choir
  5. Music competition judge for the Voice of GSS, 2020
  6. Have done basic Mixing/Mastering for online concerts 
  7. Secondary instrument: Ukulele
  8. Favorite pass time = music production 
  9. Won a dance competition at GIIS in 2014 (Dance is Music with body movement after all.

What music means to me: My life without music would be like looking at a rainbow through a monochrome filter. Music is more than just a feeling or emotion, It is a dimension that surpasses time and space. The number of times time has slipped away and taken me into a different reality while listening to music can not be measured. I would like to recall an incident which changed music for me forever. In 2014, Shri Taufiq Qureshi and Shri. Vikku Vinayakram were invited to my school as Chief Guests for our annual founders day. The program was supposed to begin with the school choir performing the maestro, AR Rahman's Dil Se Re. The icing on top was that I had been assigned a whole 2 minutes piano solo which AR Rahman Sir played in the live version on Coke Studio. At first I was overwhelmed with the task and didn't believe I had the talent to pull it off but my Sir, Mr. Deaver believed in me. I practiced the solo for weeks under his guidance till perfection. The night before the performance I couldn't sleep because of excitement and performance anxiety but soon enough it became light and judgment day was upon me. I remember my hands shaking uncontrollably before the performance but as soon as I sat down at the Piano Sir smiled at me encouragingly and I could feel all the fear melt away. The moment I laid my hands on the keys it felt as if my hands had gone on auto pilot and before I knew it my fingers were dancing on the keys. Perhaps it was because of the sheer amount of times I had practiced. All in all the performance received a standing ovation and a polite nod of approval from Qureshi Sir. That day will forever be ingrained in my memory. Now that I think about it, had Sir not pushed me to practice hard day and night with belief in myself I would have probably not performed as well. Hence, Rule 4, "Practice, Practice, Practice and always believe in yourself".

What I teach: Piano and Keyboard Hobby beginner to advanced Piano and Keyboard Grade inital to Grade 6 Trinity college of London Music Theory Grade 1 to Grade 8 Music appreciation and ear training.

Muziclub and me: I joined Muziclub in the year 2018 as a Keyboard and Piano instructor on the kind recommendation of Tanmay Sir. Since then, Muziclub has helped me learn new skills and gain professionalism in the field of music. The support I have gotten here as a teacher is second to none with amount of organization and detail in the curriculum and constant follow ups on student updates. What makes Muziclub standout from the rest is the amount of focus that is put on all round student development not only in the field of music but in terms of discipline, importance of practice, Respect for instruments and stage and special emphasis on doing what you love the most. I can say without a doubt that Muziclub is more than just a music school. it is a safe haven for expression of all arts, of all levels, for all ages. Huge ups to everyone involved and cheers to a better future in music education!

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