Kaustubh Shirish Maslekar – Guitar

In my childhood days I used to listen to lots of music as well as used to follow certain musicians but being raised in a non musical background I choose the path of engineering and completed it successfully. After completion of graduation I decided to shift my career to music. Yes, that was a big mistake or was a stupidity from others perspective but for me it was a chance to live my dreams which I was keeping with me since childhood.

I started taking lessons for guitar and vocal. I met luke sir in muziclub who was a senior faculty and made my fundamentals strong. Later I completed my TRINITY LONDON grade certifications in Plectrum guitar, Music Theory and Western Vocal etc. Also I accompanied various artists throughout my journey. My thoughts on music especially guitar are very simple, if your fundamentals are strong then you can create a good understanding and skill set in your Guitar journey. I have been teaching guitar for last 6 years and have some good experience in teaching teenagers. Patience and perseverance is important in any learning phase and that can come with practice. Apart from teaching hobby or grade guitar lessons being a singer I encourage them to sing with guitar and give them some lessons accordingly.

So Far I am enjoying my work with muziclub and it’s been 3 years since joining muziclub as a guitar teacher and branch management head. We are putting our efforts as a team from last 10 years to maintain muziclub on top. Hope you’ll enjoy our family. See you…