From Sunday Jammer to Center Head – The inspiring story of Kartik Goyal #howwelivemusic


My hometown is Mathura (The birth place of Lord Shri Krishna).
I came to Pune to study mass communication (Advertising) from Indira School of Communication, Wakad.

I still remember my first day at Muziclub.

It was the last Sunday of October 2013. I tagged along with my friend for a Sunday jam session at this place called Muziclub. When I arrived, Mohammad Muneem was singing his band Alif’s famous song “Umeed”. I also remember the song I sang at the Sunday Jam – “Tose Naina”, because just a few days back I sang the same song in my college for Manish Paul at a promotional event of his upcoming movie Mickey Virus.

After that day, I became a regular Sunday Jammer. In fact, whenever I used to be free, I used to drop in at Muziclub. Just hang out there amongst the amazing people and the musical vibe.

I joined hindustani vocal classes at muziclub and my then teacher, Jaydeep Vaidya, gave me the most crucial lessons of the Hindustani music, the knowledge of Suras. He helped me identify many things related to producing voice that I was doing wrong my entire life.
As a Sunday Jammer, Muneem has inspired me to sing more and listen to my gut voice/inner voice that is telling me that this is how I want to live my life. "Live music brother, you have that in you", his words for me.

I got opportunity to serve muziclub as teacher of hindustani vocals more than a year later, in absence of a vocal faculty one day. That one hour of teaching gave me immense satisfaction!
Post that I started taking weekend morning batches at Baner.

Shruti mam, Principal at muziclub, must have noticed my enthusiasm, since later she asked me to help her out with customer relations on a temporary basis.
I readily agreed! Though I used to work 10 hours a day in those days, I had no complaints, since working at muziclub was so much fun for me!

As a staff member at muziclub it's always challenging, challenge of doing new things, that I have never done before.
Teaching also made me very patient. "Teaching is the ultimate source of serving and learning" that I have experienced. Muziclub gave me a reason to think that I can pursue music as a career as well. Shruti mam has supported me a lot.

"Choose a path first and then do wholeheartedly whatever comes to you" is what I have learnt in my journey at muziclub.

And hence when we started the Balewadi hub in Feb 2016, I took the responsibility of administration. Being the only person as staff of one branch for almost a year and a half, I have learnt everything related to the whole process of muziclub, from office assistant to centre head. As of now, Balewadi hub has 80+ students.
Post that I helped in administration during the initial phase of the Pimple Saudagar centre as well, where I witnessed it grow from initiation till 200+ active students!

In March 2017, Muziclub offered me one biggest opportunity of my life: to open a new centre!

Regular Sunday Jammer to Student to admin staff to customer relationship officer to Hindustani vocal teacher to Balewadi and PS Centres Administration head to Centre Head for Hinjewadi branch!
This journey has been overwhelming and inspiring.
And now, when I am so close to my dream, it seems like this is just the beginning!

There is an even more inspiring journey ahead.

– Kartik Rajendra Goyal

Kartik will be taking charge of Muziclub's Hinjawadi centre which will begin operations from July 2017. For enquiries and early bird discounts, call +91-7507810055, 02022933055

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