How We Live Music – Akshay Chavan

"According to author/speaker Simon Sinek every organisation should have a strong purpose, a motive, a "Why" that defines its genuineness towards its work. Many organisations know "What" they are and " How" they work but miss the "Why" for which they are working.
I have been associated with Muziclub for a year now and can proudly say it has a strong "Why", the purpose of spreading the light of music all over and is working hard for it. Organisation mostly tends to scale up for generating a larger revenue and forget that it's the revenue is the result, just the byproduct of your work and not the sole purpose.
There is a lot of empathy and appreciation for their individual work within the members of Muziclub, whether it's the faculty artists or the members of the administration, and this picture was overwhelming for me. Organisations get trapped in the rat race and hence get drown into negativity forgetting the purpose. Muziclub is a true example to learn to stay with the true purpose.
Offcourse I would also mention the institute where I have grown up "Institute of Modern Music". Even they are attached with a strong motive of spreading music education.
Muziclub has and is still creating many inspiring stories. I have been spectating their positivity and authenticity all over. The concept like "Sunday jam" is a piece of their genius where people can come and freely express their passion for music and that makes a strong connection. Everyone should witness this experience at least once.
I wish every organisation incorporates this behaviour to work for a strong purpose and serves the mankind in its own but genuine way.
Proud to be a small part of Muziclub where we actually "Live Music"."

This article has been contributed by Akshay Chavan, Drum faculty artist at Muziclub.

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