How it works?

One of the biggest blocks towards learning music is access to a teacher. It is hard to find good teachers who are easily accessible and available at a mutually workable time. Due to this fundamental constraint, a lot of people are unable to make a decent start towards learning music.

Muziclub provides Online music classes from team of qualified and experienced faculty artists through 121 web sessions using Skype. Currently classes are available for Vocals and Guitar with the option of Hobby based learning or for Graded exams in Western music or Indian classical music.

How to Join us

1.    Please get in touch with us at with your area of interest and availability. You can also reach us at +44 7768928645 or +91 9604326519

2.    One of our team member will get in touch with you to arrange a demo session

3.    Once you confirm joining, we send you an Invoice for the payment and book the time slot with the tutor.

What we need from you

1.    Good internet connection ( > 1MBPS actual tested speed) and Good quality webcam (> 1 mega pixel)

2.    Quiet location

3.    Time commitment for sessions and for practice

4.    Passion for learning music

Once you register for classes

1.    We will send you web conferencing link for recurring sessions

2.    Sessions will be conducted once in a week and will last 50 mins

3.    We will send you a reminder 24 hours before the session

4.    Muziclub tutor will be available at the booked slot

In case of any technical issues if more than 15 mins time is lost than session will be rescheduled.