Chetan Sonawane – Hindustani Vocals

My Musical Background
In our house, my mother  loves singing very much. She used to sing beautiful Marathi songs all the time and that's why I developed a love of singing from a very young age. I was scared to go to singing class when I was young but after 10th I started going to music class with a little courage. Then I started singing at school, college and at small functions and that’s why I got to know a lot of artists in our city and I started doing small commercial singing events. During this time my music education also started. I will always be very grateful to my first music teacher Mr. Shekhar Rudra because he laid the foundation of my singing. I had to come to Pune for my job after completing my education in music till Madhyama Purn from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharv Mandal. But I continued to cultivate my love of singing, I got acquainted with some well-known marathi music groups in Pune and I started doing commercial music shows in Pune as well. And while doing so, in 2017, I was introduced to a Muziclub and for the first time in my life, I started working as a music teacher and I am still doing it.
While doing all this, I also received many rewards such as
1) Dhondo Shamrao Garud Smriti Bhavgeet Singing Competition
2) Internal college devotional song singing competition
3) Saregamp music competition organized by Dhule city
4) Khandesh Idol etc.
I also had the opportunity to perform at the Dhayari Music Festival in Pune for many years and still performing in many prestigious music events.
My thoughts about Importance of music in my life 
I think music is a sign of positive change, both physically and mentally. There is no living thing on earth that does not enjoy music. And music education is so easy that anyone can learn it. That is why music has a special place in my life. Even if someone told me 24 hours a day, I would gladly sing and sing.
Courses I teach
I teach Hindustani Vocals for Hobby and Grade level
I teach from Beginners to Advance level.
Check out my Youtube channel below

My Experience with Muziclub
My experience with a Muziclub is great. The staff at the Muziclub are very helpful and friendly. They have a very good relationship with teachers and students. Everyone from the Principle to office boy is disciplined. This is why everyone is connected as one family. I consider myself lucky to work with such people.