Kshitij Kumar Choudhary – Guitar and Vocals


My name is Kshitij Kumar Choudhary and I'm a guitar faculty in Muziclub organisation. I have been playing the guitar for over 12 years now, I started out with vocals at first and incorporated guitar to accompany my vocals but soon found myself gravitating more towards the instrument. I began with Heavy Metal and Rock music then later discovered all the rest of the genres as I came across them and focused on diversifying my listening and playing capabilities, along with achieving some amount of technical proficiency required to express myself. I rediverted my attention to vocals around 2012 and started writing songs with the new skills I achieved.

What music means to you?

Music, to me, is very personal and more than just my profession and passion, the endless journey of learning and discovering is all that I could have asked for and it's enabled through music in my life. I love teaching more than anything else in the world, to share the knowledge and inspire others as I have been once, is one of my favourite things to do.

What do you teach?

I teach Vocals and Guitar in Muziclub and I can teach all levels from Beginner to Advanced.

Here are a few links to my performances and music:
I have been working with Muziclub since the beginning of 2018 and the experience could not have been better as all my friends and fellow musicians are with me in the workplace itself, the students and their response along with their progress is the biggest satisfaction one could ask for.