Gaurav Kharat – Keyboard, Piano

I Started Playing Keyboard at the age of 14 and have been performing for years since.

I have also completed my graduation in B.P.A. (Bachelors in performing Arts) in Western Classical Music. 

    I am a Grade 8 in Trinity College London (TCL) Western Classical Piano.  

    I believe music helps to connect yourself and it is a feeling which takes you in a whole different world.

    I have been teaching in Muziclub for almost more than 2 years and it's going really well. Thanks to Shruti ma'am and the other teachers for guidance.

    I have played for several events at Church and regularly performing in Colleges.

I teach Western Classical Keyboard and Piano.

    Piano- Grade( Initial- Grade 8 ) and Hobby ( Initial- Advance)

    Keyboard-  Grade( Initial- Grade 8 ) and Hobby ( Initial- Advance)  

I have really enjoyed teaching in Muziclub and will continue to do the same and thanks to the Muziclub Baner team.