Interview: Faculty Artist Vaibhav Dange's Book Published on Amazon


Today we have another inspirational story from Muziclub : Vaibhav Dange.

Vaibhav has been a Sunday Jammer, a student and now a faculty artist for guitars at Muziclub.

What you might not know is that Vaibhav is also an avid writer and the person behind the social media account: Letters From A Stranger.

Currently, he has 71,000+ likes on Facebook and 2200+ followers on Instagram!

And Vaibhav's first book – 'Letters From A Stranger' just got published on Amazon!

We caught up with Vaibhav to understand more about the book and his journey:

MZ: What is 'Letters from a stranger'?

Vaibhav: Letters from a stranger as the name suggests are poems written in form of letters from an anonymous person. The idea behind the title is to be a part of people’s lives as a stranger. There are times when we face difficult situations when there is a little hope to carry on and everyone is busy in giving us analysis rather than help to heal. So here comes the stranger who talks to people in the form of poetry about the emotions residing in their deepest layers, to enhance the quality of ones suffering.


MZ: What was your inspiration for starting this page and when did you start?

Vaibhav: I was always inclined to art in its various forms. I found my expression in music and always had an urge to write. I had a handful of poems and I decided to put them up on social media. So I started this page called Letters from a stranger on 12th July 2016. I feared that I would soon run out of content. But the response I received from people was very encouraging and inspired me to write more. Today there are about 71,000 people from across 50 countries who read my poetry 🙂


MZ: Since when are you associated with Muziclub?

Vaibhav: I am associated with Muziclub since 2010. Muziclub is like an extended family for me away from my home and has played a very important role in my life to pursue my passion for art.


MZ: How do you find the time to write?

Vaibhav: Well this is a difficult question to answer. Poetry can happen in any minute of the day and at any place.I have absolutely no control over it and I like to keep it this way. So its like I adjust my other activities according to writing poems 🙂


MZ: What is the plan in future in terms of writing?

Vaibhav: I want to write as much as I can. Plans will fall into place.


You can buy the book on Amazon here: Letters From A Stranger by Vaibhav Dange.

The artwork for the book has been done by Shraddha Trivedi, who has also painted the famous 'I Live Music' wall in the Hall of Inspiration at the Baner centre in Muziclub.