Extracurriculars at Muziclub – Recognising Student Talent


At Muziclub, music is the main subject. But a lot of our students are skilled in many other arts and volunteer freely to help muziclub grow.

From photography to painting and hosting events, the 7th Annual Day saw 4 students who stepped up to contribute and make the event a grand success.

1. Anusha & Hriday Bhatia


Apart from sharing the same DNA, Anusha & Hriday also share the love for photography & cinematography. Still in school (Anusha in 10th Grade & Hriday in 12th) and with the pressure of studies, they are always learning and growing their passion. For the Annual Day they volunteered to shoot the photos during the event and also capture Papon's interview at Muziclub.

You can check out their work below:


All the photos in the above album are taken by them.

They also helped capture the video footage for this interview:


Here's what Anusha & Hriday have to say:

We had a wonderful experience, enjoyed every part of it. Music is one of our passions as well and being at such a beautiful event brought us to peace. We enjoyed all the musicians and the bands. The children, the adults and everyone were just so good. The location was perfect and we are thankful to Muziclub to give us the opportunity to take photos and interact with all the talented musicians, faculty and guests.


Anusha is a western vocal student at Muziclub. She was recently featured in our student showcase series.

Check it out here:


2. Adwiti Sachdeva

Adwiti studies in the 4th standard and learns Guitar at muziclub from Conrad sir. Words come naturally to Adwiti and she has hosted many events at her school.

During her first visit to muziclub, her parents had mentioned her love for public speaking and when time came for the Annual Day, she volunteered to host the event alongside Co-Founder Hardik Vaghela.

Adwiti's onstage presence was confident and everyone loved the way she hosted the event.

Here is what Adwiti has to say:

I felt very good there, and I saw that whatever I said, everyone cheered me up on it, it was amazing, like, when I asked them the Dangal question, they all answered my question and at that time I was really cheered up and I was really happy, that is why I felt really good that time.

3. Disha Deshmukh

Disha is a Kindergarten teacher and learns keyboards and drums at Muziclub. She shows great interest in art and when we found out about her talent, we asked her if she could help paint another #livemusic wall.

Here is the result:

Here is what Disha has to say:

Where for a Kindergarten teacher reading and writing ABCD was not restricted to only alphabets but also to musical notes i.e. CDEF, it was sure that my life was on a right track. It's been half-a-year that Muziclub has become a family to me. I always say I have three families, my home, my school ( apple blossom nursery school ) and my Muziclub.
After learning music theory on keyboards under Sourabh sir and Tanmay sir I've started believing in myself and my music more than I ever did. My rhythm sense is surely gaining confidence after trying my hands on drums with Kedar sir.
Muziclub is not only helping me improve music in me but also gave me an opportunity to let me apply my creativity and art in one corner of the club. I expressed my love for painting to Shruti ma'am, our dear principal and she granted me permission to paint the Muziclub wall with whatever I like!

So now after painting this wall, I feel more connected to this place as I've put my heart through art into it.
I believe Muziclub is a place where you experience, express and explore your 'self' all together.