Drum faculty – Aditya Oke does a playthrough of his band Adamantium's track



Aditya Oke is Drum Faculty at Muziclub (Pimple Saudagar) and plays for many bands in Pune. In the above video, he does a drum playthrough of the song Recipe for Disaster by his metalcore/post-rock band Adamantium.

Read his story in his own words:

"Heavy music has always meant power to me . Whenever I used to listen to bands like Metallica , Iron Maiden etc , I used to feel that tremendous surge of energy in me which wants to burn out . But before getting into metal I used to play heavy rock music with my first Nagpur based band called Kidzannoyed .
I got into extreme metal music because of the band I formed in Pune in early 2015 called 'Dead Exaltation' . I also started to play for a Pune based metalcore/post-rock band 'AdamantiumIndia'  side by side in the same year.

On the other hand, I had always thought of fusing  my style of drumming into something in which there is clean vocals , heavy guitars and crazy bass parts . And then I met one passionate person – Mr. Uday Iyer,who had similar thoughts about music . We started jamming with Mradul Singhal who also handles guitar duties for DE (Dead Exaltation). We named our concept as Schwa after finishing our hunt for a bassist.
So with interactions with various artists and doing various collaborations, I have come up with my three root projects which are Dead Exaltation, AdamantiumIndia and Schwa .

We always have some energy left at the end of the day even after doing a lot of work . I use my energy in filling up for drums for various bands who require a session drummer. "

Aditya is also part of the Soultone cymbals family.