Do you think you can work in my place?


Hi! My Name is Snehal

A couple of years back I came across this amazing place called Muziclub. A place so warm & welcoming & full of life. Full of music & creativity. A place where people Live Music in the true sense of the word.

I was a regular Sunday Jam visitor. Sunday Jam every Sunday 6 pm onwards was my go to place every week. I started to get to know muziclub a little more closely. Its people and the way it works. And as I think it was meant to be I was fortunate enough to be offered to work at muziclub.

A job that was nothing like typical expectations, to meet targets, deadlines. I mean yes we have targets and deadlines but it didn't feel that way. Compensation was just right to go with it. Now I've been working here for more than a year and have been associated with muziclub from the past 3 years. As a regular Sunday Jammer, a keyboard student & administrator/customer relationship officer.

It's been an experience in superlatives !! The best part is that even though a hierarchy exists nobody is the boss!

Everybody is treated equally and has a say in all the decisions. You have freedom of speech, creative freedom, freedom to work your way out. The only thing expected is work to be done with complete integrity and dedication.

Nevertheless like they say nothing is permanent. My actual physical association with Muziclub is coming to an end as I'm moving on with my life and moving to not just another city but another Indian state.

I am getting married!

So yes my place, position & profile here at muziclub is awaiting a new mind, a new face. And you better be good.

Those of you who are looking for work that doesn't take away your life from you instead gives you opportunities to meet creative souls, seasoned musicians, people from all the walks of life and many more reasons to smile, then write to us on

You could get in touch with me personally at

Live music!

Snehal Khandelwal