Disha Deshmukh – Faculty Artist – Drums

"Music is just another name of oxygen for me!"

– Disha Deshmukh

Disha Deshmukh is teacher at Muziclub having 5 years of experience in music indestry.


What students are saying about Disha sir

Kreyan Gohil

Disha ma'am is very much talented and friendly teacher for my son, Kreyan..She has really helped to maintain Kreyan's interest for the drum. During pandemic, the online classes were very regular and flawless. She is encouraging students to practice more and more and guides step by step procedure for the same. She is alway available to talk, open for feedback and very flexible. Thank you very much Disha ma'am and Muziclub!

Ahaan sinha

Disha teacher is my favorite. I have been learning drums from her since 2020. It’s been a great journey. She focuses very much on playing the beats correctly. I know I will play the drums very nicely one day and become a drummer, in guidance of one of my favorite teachers ❤️

Anvita Tepan

I have been learning drums at Muziclub for over 3 years with Disha Ma'am. She is an amazing teacher and is very encouraging and patient. She made our online classes also very interesting and hence I could continue with my learning inspite of the pandemic.

Disha calls herself fortunate to have been born in a musical family that helped her develop a ear for music at a very young age and so can enjoy all genres in Music .Her mother is Sangeet visharat and father is an 'Addicted to music' person , that is what he calls himself having hard core love for all the musical instruments. He can play almost all types of instruments and has acquired skills by his own self.

Disha is not only percussionist , she has massive interest in singing too. Apart from being a Music instructor she is an Artist and to bring to notice few walls painted in Muziclub have got its color and life by Disha .Next time you visit Muziclub do not forget to give an eye to it !

 Disha also works at Swadhaa school where she plays a role of a class teacher and also makes sure to spread music with younger generation. She is in this field for over good 9 years and so has strong experience in teaching.

Disha Deshmukh is an enthusiastic drum teacher who is part of Muziclub from past 5 years and has started her journey as a teacher from 4 years. Apart from this she also has keen interest in African instrument called Djembe and has started instructing her students through djembe learning and playing sessions. She has done live shows with different artists and conducts Djembe circles too.

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Learn the basics of Drums.

Drums Exam

Learn to advance Drums and complete preparation of Trinity & ABRS grade exam.

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