Disha Deshmukh – Drums

My musical background:

Having born in a family with great interest in music is my Life's greatest gift. My parents being hardcore addictive to music made me fall in love with this art at very young age and helped me get my hands on many instruments.

My mother and aunt are sangeet ‘Visharad’ degree holder. They made a huge impact on developing an ear to music. As a result, at the age of 5 to 6 years I happened to grasp it all very fast which is helping me a lot to not only understand scales, notes and rhythm but also use those in an effective/creative way.

My father has  been exceptionally fond of musical instruments and creative enough to play all of them by himself. He made sure that we listen to different genres which eventually helped me to be able to enjoy every form of music from classical to rock and pop. We have every kind of instruments at home like flutes, guitars, sitar, violins, djembes, Cajon, Sambal, oud, xylophones, accordions and the list goes on to vintage gramophones. He is the biggest reason and motivation that keeps music alive in me and it will be forever.

Along with my family, I am also fortunate to have known Muziclub where I improved my keyboard and drum skills and completed certification under the guidance of expert musicians. I used to understand music well however, after joining Muziclub I started reading music and I believe that I will start writing it too. I got to learn the language of music here and could go deeper into technical aspects of drums.

What Music means to me:

Music is very close to my heart, I was growing with it, I got matured along with it . I feel it was with me in every phase of my life. Words will fall short to tell what really music means to me but i believe that wherever I am , i will be always surrounded by and addicted to music

Me as a teacher:

When I started my journey as a drum faculty, I became more creative in the field of teaching. My long term experience with children in preschool helped me a lot teach drums to the little rock stars with ease. Though, it seems difficult to teach young one’s different rhythm patterns, they never failed to surprise me. Believe me, every time I teach them, I get to learn something new myself.

Other music experience:

I have performed live many a times at different venues as a vocalist and a percussionist. It’s the best feeling to play in front of the audience, see them humming along and to see them enjoying is an achievement. Other than live shows, I have taken drum circle sessions too. I believe everyone has a soul to music, it’s about just that moment when one realizes it.

I teach:

I am a faculty for beginner and elementary in drums for 4 years old and above. I can even teach djembe and Cajon at beginner level.

Me and Muziclub

Its been 3 and half years that I am a part of Muziclub. I was lucky to have experienced both the sides as a student and then as a teacher. As a student, I was always very happy to learn new every time and was amazed to see extremely talented mentors.  I am very thankful to Muziclub for boosting confidence in me as a musician. I believe Muziclub have the best air for musicians / artists and to explore. Friendly atmosphere, dedicated and passionate artists, positive vibes are few of many reasons to make this place one of the best Music schools in Pune. To add to this, I also got to showcase my painting skills on the walls there at Baner as well as Hinjewadi branch.

So, next time you visit us, do not forget to check that out 😊