Conrad Bhengra – Faculty Artist – Guitar

"Music not just transcends languages, but even words"

– Conrad Bhengra

Conrad Bhengra is teacher at Muziclub having 7 years of music teaching experience.


What students are saying about Conrad sir

Nirav Chakrabarti

Conrad Sir is an amazing teacher and mentor. He connects with his students at a very personal level. He is ever ready to answer queries. He understands the student’s interest genre and gives the right nudge in the right direction for the student to explore and excel.

Sanika sagare

Sir has been one of the most patient and kindest teachers i have met. No matter how many times i asked the same questions, he answered them patiently. He is also really friendly, and makes anyone new instantly comfortable.

Nimish Morey

I have been learning guitar from Conrad sir for a few years now. I definitely feel myself improving over the period of time. He is an amazing guitarist and an excellent instructor who opened by mind to a whole different musical universe with his approach, knowledge and experience. Best guitar instructor!

Pramit Bhattacharjee

Conrad sir has been one of my best teachers and of course the best music teacher. I have been learning guitar under him for more than 6 years and I have enjoyed every single class I have attended.

Conrad hails from Jamshedpur where he was born and brought up. Early on during his school he started to learn drums and was a part of the school choir. His interest for rock music was awakened when he was introduced to bands like Bon Jovi and Deep Purple.

While in college in St Xaviers (Kolkata), he was a part of the college band as a bassist. Around this time, he became interested in the electric guitar and started learning it on his own through books and lesson dvds. He would later go on to learn from some of the industry greats in Karlijn Langendijk from the Netherlands as well as Vedanta Razz from the prominent band Gingerfeet.

He has completed his Grade 6 Plectrum guitar from Trinity Guildhall and has had extensive experience playing in various bands. He is currently a part of the folk fusion band Idanim as well as a Trash metal band MUYA.

He believes music is spiritual and not just mere entertainment. As a teacher he aspires to share this very feeling with everyone.

Conrad joined Muziclub in July 2015 as a drums instructor and then eventually a full-time guitar teacher. He currently teaches guitar hobby as well as Trinity grade which includes Plectrum guitar (Till Grade 6), Classical (till grade 5) and Rock n Pop (till grade 8).

Student Achievements:

Utkarsh Singh – He is the bassist of the band Candies and Chaos which has won various band competitions across the country and also has an EP out on all major platforms.

Adarsh Vishwakarma – He is the lead guitarist of the band Roohani. They regularly person at prominent festivals and venues including the Hard Rock Café.

Manann Agrawal – He’s known as the “man with the strings”. His single “the Prince” is out on all music streaming platforms.

Nirav Chakrabarti – He recently won a competition organized by “Wondr Years” in the 12-15 years age category.

Siddharth Sirur – Is the bassist of the band that won the battle of the bands organized by Torrins India.

Courses by Conrad Bhengra

Bass Guitars

learn Bass Guitar in detail.

Guitars Hobby

Learn the basics of Guitars

Guitars – Trinity Grade

Learn to advance guitar and complete preparation of Trinity grade exam.

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