Building Blocks of Music

Lets look at the key building blocks of music and how various parts come together to form a great song or a great composition. A musical note is the basic entity characterised by Duration, Pitch, Intensity and Timbre. These musical notes are used to produce Melody and Harmony. Melody is built on musical scales over multiple phrases, each phrase being similar to a sentence in English language.

Harmony is created by mixing various notes using rules of consonances and dissonance. Notes which go well together due to consonance are used to Produce Chord Progressions which makes the melody sound richer and better.

Rhythm is created by patterns of sounds and silences in specific sequence referred to as the Meter and at a certain speed referred to as Tempo. Adding Rhythm to our example.

Lyrics are the words arranged in a poetic order using Syllables and Rhymes.

When all these components come together for a great

Building blocks of music. Parts of music - Rhythm, Harmony, Melody, Lyrics

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