Alif's New Spoken Word – Insaan tha hee aisa kaha jaata hai

Insaan Tha Hi Aisa Kaha Jata Hai: latest Spoken Word by Alif (band formed by two of Muziclub's Co-founders Hardik Vaghela and Mohammad Muneem) – loosely translated: It is said that human was always like this

It is a satire on the state of the society nowadays, highlighting a few incidents.

For those who do not understand Hindi/Urdu, Alif are working on the translation in the captions of the YouTube video above. But just to give the idea, the first line says: " You have to know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone else – that is the measure of success. Either that or money, which is the shortcut to reach anywhere you desire in life"

The piece talks about how social media and media in general convolute everything to confuse the true and false. How government is using religion to keep the people fighting with each other while they do what they wish. How no one has patience in this world and there is so much road rage. And how people end up killing each other for 60 bucks, or how small children are killed and people beheaded without a second thought!

The news these days is disturbing but talking about the issues makes more people aware, and the more people are aware, the more something can be done to make things right. That is the idea of this piece.

The video is shot in Mumbai, India on the way to the Bandra-Worli Sea Link.
The poetry is written by Mohammad Muneem.
The video edit and the background score for this piece have been done by Hardik Vaghela.

There is a story to the background score as well as told by Hardik:
I tried 3 times to make something with melodies and piano. All spoken words I heard has the piano in them. I tried it but it was somehow not working for this piece.
Then somehow, the idea of symbolism came to me. The main back-beat (the kick) is formed by the human heartbeat. It is complemented by the sound of a vibrating phone, symbolizing how closely linked to our phones we have become. Then there are the typewriter, paper, TV and computer sounds which symbolise the press and media. And there are other sounds which relate to whatever is being said. The entire score is made up of sounds like those. There is no melodic element. And there is a high-pass filter on the entire score, which makes it sound muffled (symbolizing suppression of freedom of speech!).
For those who understood the piece, do let us know in the comments what you think.

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