Muziclub Co-founder's act -Alif wins Best Music Production for 'Like A Sufi' at IRAA 2017


Alif – the act founded by Muziclub Co-Founders Hardik Vaghela and Mohammad Muneem is an experience of words in music. Weaving a mystical ethnic web of contemporary poetry, sound and performance, Alif immerses audiences in an unforgettable experience.

One such experience is the song 'Like A Sufi' where they collaborated with MC Kash, a Hip-Hop artist based in Kashmir. With Alif's poetry, the heart-wrenching rap from MC Kash and the video shot by 101 India in the beautiful backdrop of Kashmir, the song is nothing short of magical!

Check out the song here:



The song recently won the Best Music Producer (Independent) at the 11th edition of prestigious IRAA (Indian Recording Arts Academy Awards) at the Palm Expo 2017.  The song is recorded and produced at Flying Carpet Productions by Ashish Manchanda and Aman Moroney.

Ashish and Aman along with the Flying Carpet Productions team have also produced Alif's debut album titled "Sufayed".  This is an album which is highly recommended for listening. Each and every song is wonderfully penned and musically crafted. You can listen to the entire album on YouTube here:

Since Hardik and Muneem spend a lot of time at Muziclub, we have inside information that they are working on something really big and interesting next!

We wish Alif all the best for their future endeavours.