A day with Udit Narayan – Priyal Pawar

Recently I got an opportunity to play in the live band of the Reality TV show Om Shanti Om and I want to share some amazing experiences I had there.
The shoot was in Chitrarth studio located in Powai, Mumbai. I reached there at around 7 am. We did our sound check before Uditji's arrival.
Uditji is a great singer but I did not relate to him much as his prime time was from a different era and the last episode Sonu Nigam was there on the show.
FInally he arrived at the shoot. He opened the show with a song 'O Palanhare' from the movie Lagaan. 
He just came and started singing. We all joined him in a flow, without any discussions, and those next 5 minutes all the audience, the band and the judges ( Shekhar, Sonakshi n Kanika Kapoor ) all were on the seventh cloud.
I don't know what he did! How he sang on the same system where other contestants were singing but made it sound different!
We were listening to him not from our ears but our hearts. And when the song ended everyone in the studio was on their feet like they have experienced something divine.
That moment I realized the difference between singers and the Legends. No doubt Uditji has still fans loving him for more than 3 decades!
It wasn't just a singing, it was a talking with the audience through his song.
 The next 8 hours were a journey of the entire era. Pehla nasha, yuhin Chala chal rahin, many more songs from DDLJ, Kuch Kuch hota hai, Jo jeeta vahin sikandar. Each song was different. Each one mesmerisingly sung! 
One more thing I get to know about him was that Uditji has sung 18000 songs in 36 different languages. 
It's like if you record one song a day, still it will take 50 years to record 18000 songs. !
In the end, one thing I realized is ' Legends are made, not born'

 This article has been contributed by Priyal PawarDrums faculty at Muziclub.