7 years of inspiration – Muziclub's 7th Annual Day – Highlights


7 years ago, on 20th June 2010, we began the journey to live music and to spread the love of music to as many people as possible. Today, after 7 years, we have an incredible journey of positivity and inspiration. And the journey still seems to have just begun!

With us on this journey are hundreds of success stories of our students and teachers. There are milestones, which have become stories of inspiration for the muziclub family. From Co-Founders Hardik Vaghela & Mohammad Muneem taking the step towards following their passion, to them finding co-founders and mentors in Yogesh Rathore, Devinder Singh Chahal and Vinay Peshwa who brought the purpose and direction to make this dream a reality.

From Shruti Jakati mam's arrival as the principal which changed the face of muziclub, to Devi sir and his wife Rupinder mam's guidance which changed the pace of muziclub.

The incredible journeys of Harsh Bagle & Kartik Goyal who went from Sunday Jammers to Students to Teachers to Admin Staff to Owners of Muziclub Centers (Pimple Saudagar & Hinjawadi respectively)!

The heartwarming and forever inspiring stories of our admin co-ordinators Vijay Tayade and Anil Kumar who against all odds are writing their own destiny.

And finally, all the wonderful teachers who tirelessly work towards making sure the students live music day in and day out!

To inspire everyone, we were humbled to have Papon as the guest of honour this year.

Check out this clip where Papon visits the Baner centre and has a chat with Mohammd Muneem where he answers a few of our students' questions.



The annual day saw 20 performances this time, with 6 student ensembles, 1 teacher ensemble, western vocal choir performances, piano and violin recitals and Sunday Jam to CRCC winners – Amritaansh. And we also had an impromptu performance from Alif. 🙂

It was an evening to remember with the same day also being Hardik Vaghela and Tanmay Mathew sir's birthday!

The students received awards from Papon and so did our teachers as part of the Faculty Artist Awards.

Nehal Bagle gifted Papon a beautiful portrait painting she made, which Papon said he will cherish for life.

Check out a short glimpse of the d-day:


Check out some photographs from the day:



Big thanks to all the teachers for taking the effort to train the students for the performance and big up to all the students for putting up wonderful performances!

Keep practising and always live music 🌟